Substitute for Soy Sauce


My son is allergic to soy as wellas peanuts, nuts, sesame, chickpeas, and sunflower seeds. This is based on RAST scores. He can eat soy lecithen, a little soy flour, soybean oil. But I am not so willing to chance something like soy sauce. Any one have a suggestion for a substitute with similar flavor?

On Jun 15, 2004

I reraised for you under Living with PA. It's under "I'm so upset..."

On Jun 16, 2004

Thanks, I checked it out and will give it a try!

On Aug 1, 2004

ck w/your allergist. have been told that kids w/soy allergy can have soy sauce - no proteins in it. it may be a possibility for you

On Aug 1, 2004

I use umeboshi vinegar as a substitute for small amounts of soy sauce. It's salty like soy sauce and isn't all that vinegary tasting. It only lacks that deep brown color.

I haven't tried making anything like teriyaki sauce with it.

Whatever you do, don't use the homemade substitute made from molasses and balsamic vinegar. It doesn't come close.