Stylish Epi-Belts or similar products


I'm wondering if it's possible to buy the fanny packs sold on the site in pretty colors for a little girl. My daughter's black one is starting to show wear. She loves pinks and purples and I would love for her to have one or more in these colors to coordinate with her wardrobe. I've already made her Medic Alert bracelet bands in beautiful crystals and beads. I just think it's a shame that she can't wear her medicines stylishly and in turn more proudly.


On Aug 31, 2004

If you know anyone who sews and has an embroidery machine, you could probably have them make you one.

On Sep 1, 2004

My husband just said that we should start making stylish ebelt cases or fanny packs..haha. I wonder, if there were more of them, people would recognize them in an emergency so that our children could have prettier equipt.?

For now, as as solarflare stated, if you can are one step ahead of me. LOL


On Sep 1, 2004

Somebody help me out here - do they still make those plastic holders that you clip to your belt? I think it was called Epi Mate or something like that. Anyone remember Mindy? You could get one with a magnet on the back and put it on your fridge. They came in pink.

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On Sep 2, 2004

Heather, I ordered two for dd a few months ago. We love them! You can see them at [url=""][/url] and order them through [url=""][/url]

On Sep 4, 2004

This company makes floral pouches. Scroll down the page.