Stunned. Dole dried fruits have \"may contain\" warning!

Posted on: Wed, 12/12/2001 - 10:49am
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I have some packages of Dole dates that are a couple of years old, and was planning to use them to bake treats this Christmas. I went to the store to buy a few more packages, and lo and behold, the new ones have a "may contain nuts" warning. I'm assuming that the dates are processed on shared lines, and that the old ones aren't safe, either (though I'm awaiting a response to an e-mail message I sent Dole about this).

Good grief! Dried fruits were one of the few things I thought to be safe for Tim. Now, even those aren't safe. (So much for Christmas fruitcake, pinwheel cookies with date filling, etc.)

I wonder if could put pressure on Dole to process their fruits on dedicated lines. Just a thought ...

Posted on: Thu, 12/13/2001 - 3:18am
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I called and talked with customer service reps for Dole and Sunsweet (U.S.) this morning.
The Sunsweet rep said that their pitted dates are safe for PA/TNA people, and that they're processed in a nut-free facility.
The Dole rep, on the other hand, said that their dates should not be considered safe. They may be cross-contaminated with peanuts and macadamia nuts, as they're processed on shared lines with products containing those nuts. I'm still a bit stunned that they'd process dates on shared lines like this. At least they label, though.

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