Studying abroad in mexico?

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Hi! This is my first post here, so I am new at this. But, I will be studying abroad in mexico in a few months and am very worried about my peanut allergy! Not only do i have the same usual problem with it, but I will have to translate and all of that stuff, which will probably make it harder to really get the point across! Any advice?

On Aug 6, 2002

Hi Julie

If you do a search for Spanish or of my posts, I know I have posted links to some excellent articles on allergies in Spanish. sorry I don't have time right now to find things for you myself.

good luck and take care


On Aug 10, 2002

Hello! I'm not PA (my daughter is), but I studied in Oaxaca MX between my Jr/Sr years of HS. I don't remember my host families EVER eating PB, nor do I remember it as part of the daily diet. That may depend upon what region you're visiting, though. Generally foods were made from scratch from freshly-bought ingredients.

I HIGHLY recommend bringing extra medication - I was in a smaller city, and there really aren't Pharmacies as we know and love them (once again, depending upon where you are).

Good luck on your trip! Beth