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Hi everyone! My name is Natalie and I am 19. I just found this website and am so glad I did. I have been allergic to tree nuts for awhile now but never too severely. I have always tried to avoid them but not worried to much. A few months ago I suddenly had a really bad reaction to something. Within minutes my eyes were completely swollen shut, my face was read, I was itchy, and starting to cough and wheeze. I took a benedryl and went to urgent care. When I follwed up with my doctor she told me to start carrying an epi pen which I have been working on trying to always carry. There have been a few smaller reactions and I am now pretty sure it is peanuts. I have never had a problem with peanut butter or any peanut product but recently I touched peanut butter and right away my eyes starting swelling again. Two nights ago my friends and I were eating ice cream while watching a movie. I made sure mine did not have nuts but before I knew it I got the feeling something was not right. I began getting itchy and started to feel like my eyes were swelling. Soon I was sneezing and coughing and then began vomiting. It was horrible and I have NO clue what caused it. I am waiting to get allergy tested again but that will not be for a few weeks and I am struggling with where to go from here. I am afraid to do anything with friends or eat anything different or even be touched! I guess I am looking for suggestions in what to do and what may be causing this and why it is suddenly getting worse. I am also struggling with at what point should I use the epi pen. I think it is a fear of the unknown and never having experience with it. Thank you so much and I apologize this is so long!!

By HellyRuMom on Jul 9, 2012

A LOT of foods are contaminated with peanuts... meaning that the place where your icecream was processed likely processes other icecreams with peanuts or treenuts in them, this often results in things being cross contaminated and ending up unsafe. Be sure to read all of the information on every label of everything you eat. Get a couple of extra epipins and make sure you have one with you at ALL times. Don't try, just do it, your life is at stake! I have a 2 year old with severe allergies and I have an epi in every diaper bag, beach bag, hand bag that I carry, plus we keep one handy at Grandma's house etc... you can never be too careful and eventually it will be second nature. Don't worry yourself to death over it, just always be prepared. You have a right to enjoy yourself just as much as anyone without allergies, you just need to be mindful of them! I hope your tests turn out for the best!

By kickert on Mar 27, 2013

Have you had an allergist complete testing to confirm all that you are allergic to? They change as you change - very important to have a good reading and know what to stay away from. My 13 year old daughter carries epis with her everywhere, we have several at school, softball etc. I will tell you what I tell her - YOU CAN"T LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT IT!!! your life depends on it! As far as when to use it, your Dr. can help you with that. Benadryl works great for very minor symptoms, tingly nose, tongue, itchy feeling - but when it comes to breathing the epi is a must. My daughter just talked me out of giving her the epi a few weeks back and I'm still kicking myself, she needed it but convinced me that Benadryl would be enough. It took a while to overcome it, so from now on if for any reason she starts to have a hard time breating we will give the epi - your DR will be very good at helping you idenify how you need to handle yours based on the types of allergies you have and the severity of them - just ask!

By xxpinkpandaxx on Jun 8, 2013

I have anaphylaxis to peanuts and I've taken the Epi-pen 5 times in my life now. I take it when I start to feel tight in my throat, feel l Ike I can't breathe or my throat/mouth gets really itchy and/or hurts. It helps to listen to your gut instinct to take it cuz mines has always been right. Remember, if you take it you must go to the hospital/emergency room. Don't let that scare you from taking it because there have been moments when I felt afraid to take the Epi pen when I was away from my parents (I'm 17) and I wasn't sure if I absolutely needed to go to the hospital. But I ultimately did go ot the hospital and I felt safer once there because I knew the docs could take care of me. And money wasn't an issue because its my life. If its just hives or really minor you could probably just take Benadryl. But if you swell up and get itchy you may need to take it. Absolutely get tested, and if positive, make sure your doctor informs you on everything so you don't experience reactions again (they can be really scary so you need to avoid them! :P)