stressed, worried and had enough of all this allergy stuff.

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I didnt know where to post this. today william had a reaction to something new, well, sort of . At breakfast. Anyway, no signs apart from chest and throat pains. can talk,is responsive and is breathing. ( the latter is most comforting to me!) lots of piriton, and trip to docs to check out chest and inhalers as well. Doc says chest is clear, then he witters on about allergies and gets all of it wrong. Am not in the mood to put him right, knowing if I opened my mouth it will offend. A Gp with lots of myth about allergies, incorrect stuff that he must of read of the back of a cornflake packet 30 years ago. PANTS. PANTS. PANTS. However Ok with a stethoscope which is what I wanted. Basically doc, I want you to comfirm that breathing is normal and then bugger off.

All this before william goes away for two days with the school next week. I am still ploughing my way through the med forms, so far , ( I havent bothered with the ezcema stuff) I have 7 forms to fill in. Each med requires a two sided form, and each med has to have a prescription label with name and date of prescription and exp date. I take the epi pens out of the triangle box ( prescription label on box) and then put them in his med box for school. This is for easy access. Doctor only lets me have two epi pens at one time. I can only gets some more if the others are out of date. I threw away the boxes ages ago!!

Then there is williams migranes. we have weaned him off the migraine meds, and now is only on childrens pain relief. This is not prescribed by doc. So am in the middle of asking for one small bottle just in case william has a head ache while away. If it doenst have a prescription label the teachers cant give it to him, but doctors are not keen to prescrib something that can be brought over the counter.

All these forms have to be in school today, meanwhile william is dosed up on pirtion , clutching his chest, watching sponge bob square pants.

I am not worried about the food on school trip as had a really good chat with chef, who has had allergic children before, and explained what and when my son would be eating and how he cooks it etc etc.

lots of other stuff is around in the background,

my mother is still upset that my grand mother died,( it was a stroke, but she blamed a pork pie) and my eldest son is off school with a tummy upset.

hubby is traveling to london on the tube which can only move a 20 miles an hour, he is hot, and the mix of the great unwashed and the smog is not helping his asthma. Misrable is not the word for this man.

OH, and i have to keep an eye on the rabbit, who had an op that has set me back about

On Jun 13, 2006

Oh my you are in the middle of it aren't you? Sometimes it just all closes in on you doesn't it? I am hoping that your day will go more smoothly....and that tomorrow will bring new buckets of optimism and strength. It can be so hard at times....hugs.....

On Jun 13, 2006

Oh Sarah, So sorry for your crummy day! Many >>HUGS<< to you. Hopefully, Wiliam stay well today and have a good trip. Sorry to hear about your GrandMother. When it rains, it pours! You've had your fill already this year. Praying for strength for you and your family. Daisy

On Jun 13, 2006

Sarah how rotten! I have been wondering how William was -- and you. So much to have to worry about. At least you are getting close to cocktail hour over there!

On Jun 13, 2006

I'm sorry to hear you are having such a rough time right now, Sarah.

hugs}} to you and your family.

I am very glad to hear the migraine situation has improved so dramatically-- what a relief that must be!

On Jun 13, 2006

Sarah, I was just thinking of you the other day, wondering if Wm's migraines have improved. Hope things improve... We're all thinking of you. cheers, Adele

On Jun 14, 2006

I think williams reaction was to mustard.

he ate ( for breakfast ) tinned heinz macoroni and cheese. Not my idea of a breakfast , but he wanted to be allowed to try something with cheese that he really has been missing lately.

I missed the 'great new taste' sign on label, and on reading it am sure that they have had mustard in it previously.

I have contacted heinz and they promised to ring back , but so far nothing.

So am bit concerned. mustard is a seed isnt it? or was the mustard cross contaminated with something else? have we lost the egg allergy only to start adding a another whole new food group? am I all of a tizz over nothing ?

Mustard is in most processed foods, and we are limited already for most stuff.

on another note, because of the migraines the doc suggested that every weekend we give slightly increasing amounts of cheese. In the hope that we can work out how much a shred of grated cheese is too much to cause a headache. Which isnt much help when you cook ( from scratch) a lasange or mousaka , or mac and cheese, for all of us. How do you devide that and work out the cheese content for one? So the tinned stuff was a bit of a compromise , let him eat 1/2 a tin and give him some kiddie pain relief after. However this obviously backfired, nothing like chest and throat pain in your allergic child to make you sweat, and feel that life is more than stressful. Parental happiness is narrowed down to a couple of happy observations, a relaxed pink face, and a chest that rises and falls with ease.

i suppose i should count my blessings , william didnt get a migraine, I did, but he didnt.


On Jun 14, 2006

Mustard IS a seed.

FWIW - Caitlins RAST 11/3/03 was >100.

Her RAST 1/3/05 was >100

Whats it mean? Nothing. We avoid mustard. For situation, it's easy [img][/img]

Good luck!


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On Jun 14, 2006

Can you tell by my user name that I feel the same? Sorry to hear about your junk. I am feeling blue too. But, can you tell me how old your so was when he lost his egg allergy? Was it severe to begin with? My daughter is almost 5 and although her RAST went from >100 down to 2.6, she miserably failed her challenge yesterday...vomiting, rhinitis.... I would appreciate your experience. My allergist states he is still "very optomistic" about her outgrowing...

On Jun 15, 2006

Williamsmummy; is there any chance William is allergic to the bunny. I can not even be in a room with a rabbit or cat. My Dr.said because that most people if allergic to cats are allergic to rabbits. I know it is nothing to do with your post but I thought about the fact that you have a bunny. we have one to but it is something I just never go near. Now about your post I am sorry that you are going through so much. You really need about 10 minutes to relax and I can tell it will be a long time for that. Wish we were neighbors because I would love to help you out. Best of luck to you. Claire

On Jun 15, 2006

william has had contact with rabbit, but to be honest , he is not very interested in animals. ( he is an animal himself in many was IMP !!) Rabbit lives in hutch and run in garden, and only visits house.

William avoids many foods with mustard, like salad dressings, he love plain tuna and sweetcorn sandwichs for lunch. So perhaps his exposure to mustard has been limited. I plan to avoid mustard and add it to the 'must ask allergy doc nxt year' list.

The weather also could explain chest pains, hubby is not happy with this weather, and londons smog is making every asthmatic cling to their inhalers. However, william has never been officially dx with asthma. Have only instrutions to use when reacting , esp to dog. So am still puzzled, but I suppose not surprised. Am sick of adding to the list.

As for his rating for egg, never asked doc, allergy doc said, 'AVOID ' and we did. we knew he was very allergic since his first reaction at 13 months. In fact for some years banned eggs from house along with nuts, as he would hive up if he stood in the kitched when i was frying an egg.

When 7 yrs old passed cooked egg challenge in hospital, failed the raw challenge. Challenge only attempted after low skin pick ratings BTW

and now at 10 has finally grown out of his raw or partially cooked egg allergy. It's still odd to see him eating egg on toast, or steamed asparagus in a boiled egg. But he is , and he enjoys them!!

i did ask the hospital allergy nurses what was the oldest child they had that grew out of egg allergy, and they said 12. So I was prepared to wait. I am thankful that at least one allergy can be ticked of the list, esp as we only have one last primary school year left before senior school.


On Jun 15, 2006

Sounds like it is worth avoiding mustard. One of my sisters is allergic to mustard seed---my mom had suspected this when she was young and it was confirmed by allergy testing. A small amount of mustard makes her throat and mouth itchy--but she still thinks that a little, miniscule, barely perceptible drop on each end of her hotdog is okay since that amount doesn't bother her throat [img][/img] Any more than that and she is in trouble. (Of course, I don't think that that the mustard sampling *is* okay. But allergists are sometimes not in the habit of giving very clear or detailed medical advice so she just does whatever seems right to her.)

She's also severely allergic to dillweed (even more so than mustard)...and I think dill is related.

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On Jun 15, 2006

Williamsmummy, Thank you so much for your info on the egg outgrowing... Our house is totally egg free! Has anyone else had experience with egg allergies?

On Jun 15, 2006

experience w/ egg allergy?

[i]you rang?[/i] LOL!

Seriously, this is the single most common allergy to come along with a PA. (Statistically, that is...)

I would venture to say that perhaps a slim majority on the boards have done it.

If you look on the top frame of a forum, you can "search" for a topic you want. Try this both in Living with Peanut Allergy and also in the Recipes section. Those will give you great ideas.

BTW, my DD has an egg allergy which is apparently almost as "bad/serious/sensitive" as her pn allergy. And she's 7 and it shows no sign of going anywhere. We've had an egg-free home for almost 6 years. It isn't so bad.


On Jun 15, 2006

just had return phone call from heinz, the 'great new taste' is yeast extract. It legally doesnt need ( they said , will check) to be labeled on ingrediant listing.

So would be more inclined to put this down to yeast extract. However williams diet does not include stuff with mustard, salad dressings for eg. He eats sweetcorn and tuna with out any mayo stuff. makes a terrible mess, but loves it.

On a totally different note am going to the allergy show on saturday, any uk people going?