Strange reaction...Taco Bell?

Posted on: Wed, 08/04/1999 - 12:40pm
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I looked up past posts about Taco Bell. Could there be some problem here? Tonight my daughter had green beans and chicken nuggets from brands I have used before and with "safe" labels. Well, (I know this isn't smart) I was eating a nacho thing from Taco Bell and used the same fork to spoon out her green beans. She soon after wouldn't eat, but wasn't showing any signs or even being fussy. I took her up for her bath and a rash was all over her back, shoulders, and top of chest. Not really hives like in the past, but more like pimples. I gave her some Zrytec and as of a little over an hour the rash is still there. Could there be some peanut something or another in the nachos I ate? That is all I can think of...Thanks for any advice. Shan [img][/img]

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Posted on: Thu, 08/05/1999 - 7:50am
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pI don't know what they put in Taco Bell foods. But I do know that my ped considers that pimply rash (I figure it's the red pinpoint type reaction my little one had just before Christmas) to be a form of hives that can actually take up to a week to fade. We treated with Benadryl as it seemed to help the best, esp. for the itchy/pain associated with it./p
pGood Luck. Hope everyone is doing better./p
pMary Lynn/p

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