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I know no reaction story is a short one, but I will try. My daughter who is PA (3)and I had a great vacation in Hawaii, no reaction, even on the planes ( I did the standard things like wiping the seats, asked for announcement...etc, even had a scary moment when people behind us started to eat a huge bag of peanuts) Anyway. All is safe and happy until we returned home, first stop- our friend's house to pick up the car. Our friends have two dogs, they are fed peanut butter on the daily basis. We were outside the whole time, did not even see the dogs. I asked my friend to watch my daughter while I loaded the bags and car seats. 5 mins later, I saw my daughter's hands were red, another 5 mins, one of her eyes was swelling bit and now I can see both hands were covered with hives. I gave her benadryl and that helped. Confused and scared, after two days, I decided to post this, I still have no idea what in the world was happening. She did not eat anything when it happened. Was the reaction from the flight? But there was at least 45 mins to an hour before we reached our friend's home, nothing happened? Could contact reaction be delayed? My own thought - is that it happened while our friend came out to greet us. She might had just touched the dogs before coming out and touched my daughter's hand. As for that one swelling eye(not both eyes), my daughter probably rubbed it with the allergen covered hands! My daughter also has dog allergy. Anyway, what do you think? I am glad she is fine now, it's me, I need comforts from people who understands - like you guys. Thanks

On Aug 15, 2008

How scary for you!

If the dogs are fed peanut butter daily, then everything they have licked and everywhere they have lain has peanut protein on it because dogs lick themselves, too, and the peanut butter stays in the crevices between their teeth. In other words, your friends' entire house is like one giant peanut.

As an aside to your friend, an occasional tiny bit of peanut butter is fine for a dog but daily doses aren't good...too much fat and too much protein and takes the place of the food they should be eating.