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Has anyone seen the story on the Fox News website today about the parents who are upset that the school cafeteria is making accomadations for a severely PA child? I really don't like how the article is written- the writer/editor already seems biased to agree with the dissenters. How the school is accomadating the "one child" who has a problem. It's a school in Indiana- I already found the superintendent's address who is quoted in the article. I don't usually get worked up, but the way this whole thing is written and the quotes from the parent and the superintedant are just so obnoxious. I really think I'm going to write the editor at Fox News... to let them know that lactose intolerance and diabetes (mentioned in the article) are just not the same as a severe food allergy, since people with these disorders aren't affected by what others eat, but our children ARE. This guy in the article doesn't feel his kid should be inconvenienced by the ONE child with the PA- but you can bet your A** if it was his kid it'd be different! Sorry for the rant. But we have to speak up for our kids. It's not politically correct to voice your opinion that wheelchair ramps and handicapped parking spaces inconvenience the rest of us. WHy should it be politically correct to say that our kids are???

On Jan 4, 2005

Ooops, sorry Nicolimom, I didn't see your post regarding this from earlier!