Stonyfield Farm Yogurt (Good & Bad News)

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I wrote an e-mail to Stonyfield Farm Yogurt. I was curious both about their yogurt products in general and about their chocolate flavored yogurt.

Does anyone else worry about the SOURCE of the chocolate when it is a chocolate flavoring (like with yogurts, puddings, etc.)?

Anyway, I got the response below. They didn't specifically answer the question about if the yogurts are produced in a nut-free facility, but said they are nut-free in general.

As for the chocolate-flavored variety, I guess we'll be staying away from that from now on.

******************************* Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We always welcome comments and questions from our yogurt lovers and are grateful when someone takes the time to let us know what they think of our products.

To answer your question, our refrigerated yogurt doesn't not contain any nuts or nut by-products. I can not guarantee that are vendor produces chocolate on dedicated lines or doesn't make products for other manufacturers that contain nut or nut by-products. If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me at 1-800-PRO-COWS (776-2697) M-F 9-5 EST.

We are passionately committed to producing the best tasting, healthiest yogurts available, and trying to do some good in the world while we're at it. Visit our web site at [url=""][/url] to learn more.

Sincerely, Diana Godbout Consumer Relations Coordinator

-----Original Message----- Comments: Dear Stonyfield Farm,

We enjoy all of your yogurt products, but have just learned that our 2-year old daughter has a life-threatening peanut allergy and we must avoid all possible traces of peanuts and tree nuts in her diet.

Are all of your yogurts produced on nut-free lines and/or in a nut-free facility?

Also, we enjoy your "Chocolate Underground" flavor yogurt too, but have been told that the source of chocolate flavorings could be cross-contaminated with nuts (i.e., the source of the chocolate is produced in a facility that also produces nut-chocolate products). Is the source of your chocolate for this flavor produced in a nut-free facility?

Thank you for this information.