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Stomach ache?

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This thought never crossed my mind until now. My dd is pa and we don't keep pb in the house (of course). Well, she is always saying that she has a stomach ache. Could this be from foods that "may contain"? Have any of you had this issue, and did you find that there was a food that had hidden pb in it that was causing this problem. This has been going on for at least two years and I can't pin point the cause.

On Jun 19, 2005

Love My Babies, gotta ask you a question you may not like. Does your PA daughter eat "may contains"? Or are they simply in your home for other non-PA family members to eat?

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On Jun 20, 2005

I had stomach aches growing up all the time...then in my 20's I found out I was lactose intolerant. Keep a diet diary and see if dairy is involved.

On Jun 20, 2005

Has she had any allergy testing? We knew our son was PA, but never did any allergy testing until he was about 8. Shuld have done it sooner.

His mysterious stomache aches were caused from baker's yeast.

Lot's of reasons for recurring stomache aches and allergy testing would be a good place to start.

Also, is she on any daily medications? When given Singulair, my son would get stomache aches.

Good luck with your detective work.... Bridget

On Jun 20, 2005

My 12 year old daughter also recently became lactose intolerant. She had repeated stomach aches for several months. She finally told me her stomach hurt after she drank milk and it clicked. We eliminated all dairy products (she is very sensitive) and stomach aches have gone away.

On Jun 20, 2005

In answer to do I give her "may contain" I do not, but I worry that some foods she eats may not label correctly (i.e...crackers, cookies, cereals ect..). She has been tested for allergies and she came back with peanut only. She was just retested 6 months ago. For example this morning she had pancakes, sausage and apple juice. Five minutes after she ate, she started complaining of a stomach ache, as usual. I am not familiar with milk allergy, would that show up on a regular allergy test, and can you be lactose intollerant without being allergic to milk?

On Jun 20, 2005

Lactose intollerance and milk allergy are entirely different, although many with lactose intollerance say they allergic to milk (I think it may just be easier to explain it that way). So yes, it is possible to have one without the other. Lactose intollerance is where one's body lacks sufficient amounts of lactase (the enzyme needed to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk). There is a whole range of severity, as some people produce lactase, but not enough to digest much lactose, and others produce very little lactase, or even none at all. It is also possible to be lactose intollerant for a time, but not for one's whole life (my husband had lactose intollerance as a child, then was able to digest dairy again, but if he gets sick, he becomes lactose intollerant again for a while after).

On Jun 20, 2005

Stomach aches can certainly (but not necessarily) mean cross contamination. I was plagued with stomach problems through out my life. At one point in high school I was tested for ulcers. No one could figure it out. Meanwhile, I was happily eating a bag of M&Ms per day. It took my first anaphylactic reaction to wake me up to what was going on. Eating "may contains" or "processed in a plant" is simply not worth it.