If anyone has stats and names of children and teens who have sadly died as a result of peanut allergies and lack of awareness. I would appreciate the feedback. The religious school my son will soon be attending needs a reality check. They are the old ways and old school and in the pit of my stomach I know they are not fully aware of the considerations they need to address with Zach even though I have tried to explain them to them. The reality and sad part about it if they have the information in front of them many times put things in check. I do have the two names from FAAA of the two children in May. My heart goes out to those parents, I always take a deep breath especially when I drop Zach off to camp and especially when it is a different one each time. More education is needed and I am going to continue to do as much as I can I do believe the walk/run family fun day we have every year help in the effort because it keeps it positive for all involved especially those who are unsure about learning about the life threatening allergies. I am still learning, I know the peanut/nut allergies but continue to learn more about the other potentially life threatening allergies. Any local businesses or business who work along side food allergies please contact us we would love to talk to you about your involvement in creating awareness working with children. It has been amazing how many teens have participated in our teen forum continuing in their own way to create awareness. Check our webpage [url=""][/url] Thanks Chris for your active participation in our event! Tammy

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