State Fair


So the State Fair is in town. My hubby and I are a bit at odds. Any experiences with it? I guess I just assume peanuts will be there.

On Aug 24, 2006

We go every year and have never had a problem--just choose foods carefully (our state fair has a local foods booth that has all kinds of safe food since everything there in produced in Maryland, which isn't exactly known for its peanut production! Might not be the best choice of a place to eat in, say, Georgia.), wipe down the handles on rides if your child is contact sensitive, and keep the epipen handy. We've never had to use it at the fair, but I'd never dream of going without it. Last year DH brought the kids and picked me up from work on the way to the fair and he had forgotten the epipens. We ended up driving around until we found a pharmacy that had our prescription on file--we were an hour and a half late for the fair, but at least we were safe!


On Aug 24, 2006

We go every year, and we are in NC which has a fair amount of the "forbidden fruit." We make sure we have plenty of wipes and meds and then go have a blast. We don't eat anywhere unless we can ask anything we need to ask (we usually look for a place that's not crowded) and don't eat anywhere they have nuts of any kind (for example, we've even had the fried twinkies, but only from booths that only sell those -- not if they sell fried snickers as well, LOL). We don't get cotton candy from the regular stands because most of them also sell candied apples with nuts. We do buy maple cotton candy because that is all that they make at the "maple stand".

We send out a "scout" before we go into any buildings -- here in NC they are fond of giving out peanuts in the shell and if the scout can find out in which buildings that's going on, we avoid it altogether. No point in asking for trouble. [img][/img]

I was really impressed with one particular thing last year. We went into the NC ag exhibit and the kids could pretend to pick different stuff and turn it it for a goody bag. We asked what was in it and, of course, they had peanuts. We started to walk away and were informed that they also had peanut free goody bags. Progress! [img][/img]

Have fun if you go!

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On Aug 26, 2006

At the State Fair of Texas, there are a fair amount of things (okay--lots) that are fried in peanut oil. Fletcher's Corny Dogs (otherwise a must), fried cheesecake, fried Ding Dongs--you name it.

So watch out for that.

And animal feed at the petting area.

On Aug 26, 2006

Thanks for the warning on the State Fair of TX. Our family was planning to attend this I will rethink our plans.

On Aug 26, 2006

Well, we never avoided the State Fair of Texas. After the first year, DS was fine (we gave him the obligatory Corny Dog when he was 2 because we didn't ask what it was cooked in--he got hives). But who needs fried stuff anyway? There is pizza there and other stuff. We took sandwiches for DS.

I don't like fairs, but I did enjoy the State Fair. And every night when the sun goes down, there's a wonderful parade (I don't really like parades either but am very fond of this one--it's magical).

There is more to do than not do. I mean, you've gotta go on the Texas Star! It's the world's largest ferris wheel.

On Aug 27, 2006

We are going to our local fair next week. We live in a small town and we have our own fair. It's big fair compared to the size of the town, but not a big fair compared to some others. Anyway, we stay clear of obviously nutty vendors, and ask others the usual questions. There is one local kettle corn vendor who's there every year. They are wonderful. They have a list of ingredients hanging over their booth. They told me that a while back they changed to corn oil due to allergies (obviously anyone allergic to corn oil won't be buying kettle corn).