STAT Kids braclets


I'm not sure if someone may have posted about them yet, but just incase I thought I would.

Since my 10 month old is starting to walk and quite the charmer I am so worried about him toddling over to someone at a playgroup or in the park and someone giving him food with peanuts in it. I know many have the med alert braclets but I wanted something that would REALLY stand out and be eye catching to everyone.

I found STAT Kids and their x-sm rubber braclets are PERFECT!!! Not too tight, and not loose enough he can get it off himself. It is very bright red with bold white letters so it is very easy to see the words "PEANUT ALLERGY" on it. They come in a pack of 3 so the price isn't bad either. So far my DS has had his on 24 hours and it hasn't bothered him a bit!


On Nov 12, 2007

I never did this, but I know some people have their kids wear t-shirts that say things like "I have food allergies. Please don't feed me." If you're really concerned about getting other people's attention, maybe you want to look into this? It would be a lot more obvious than a bracelet.

On Nov 12, 2007

I think there are velco types also

On Nov 13, 2007

I would highly recommend that you get a medic alert bracelet as well. Medical personnel is looking for a medic alert (or at least style of) bracelet and not a rubber one. Almost every kid in my son's kindergarten wears a rubber bracelet b/c it's "in" right now and I don't think I would look at any of them in detail. Some of them say "support our troops", some are for "breast cancer", some have their names on them, etc. They also flip inside out very easily, making the words impossible to read. (My son has one with his name on it so I know it flips inside out.)

Your child is at a great age to get them used to a regular, stainless steel bracelet. My son was 18 mos when I put it on him. It has never come off and he is now 6.

Best of luck - I know all this can be overwhelming.