Starting School


My granddaughter has pa and will be starting school in August. Besides leaving the Epipen with the nurse and telling the teacher, any other suggestions as to how to keep her safe. I've found that even after you tell people, they just plain forget. And moms are constantly bringing stuff with peanuts for class parties, often with no labeling at all.

On Jun 11, 2005

Take a look at the schools forum for ideas and to see what other people are doing. Your granddaughter may benefit from having a 504 plan and/or an IHP (health plan) which details emergency procedures and how to prevent exposure to allergens. Start as soon as possible! These things take time to set up with the school.


On Jun 12, 2005

Hi Emilysgrandma:

How old is your grand-daughter? If she is in preschool, I might suggest that she not eat any food that is not already pre-approved and/or brought from home. My son has an extra treat bag at school. He gets a treat from it whenever a bday treat comes in that he can't have. As mentioned above, there is lots of good info in the schools forum. Please post any specific questions you have and I am sure folks will try to help.



On Jun 12, 2005

That extra treat bag is a great idea. Emily is 5 and will be in kindergarten. She goes to a school that has all-day kindergarten, so she'll be going to the cafeteria. I know that they have peanut butter in there, but I don't know about the rest of the food. Emily can recognize the word "peanut" on a wrapper, but cafeteria food isn't usually labeled.

On Jun 17, 2005

I would advise packing her lunch for her daily until you get specific details that the lunchroom folk are knowledeable in handling food and that all the food that she will eat is peanut free with no chance of cross contamination. Also, request a peanut free table. That should be cleaned with its own paper towels or wipes. The school can supply wipes to wipe the kids hands off after lunch or snack to avoid cross contamination of school supplies. Have her doctor write out what her symptoms are and what medicine should be given at what time. Very important. This would go into a health care plan. I supplied a "fanny pack" and filled it with the Epi pen and attached a keychain with a picture of my son so that people would know who he was. The fanny pack goes everywhere he goes. Passes from teacher to teacher. The school nurse instructs the teachers in food allergies annually and has emergency plans set up (like disaster plans) on who does what. Definitely obtaining info from the school forum will help you. Lots of info to download. I got a lot of Health Care Plan info there. Good luck. :-)