Starting a Support Group


Can anyone give me advice or pointers on starting a support group? I have checked w/ the local hospitals in my area and have been told that no food allergy groups exist here in Central Pennsylvania. When I asked our pediatrician's office if they knew of any groups, the response was "That's a good question, maybe you should start one." I was thinking that maybe I should do just that. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions.


On May 18, 2000

See the post on this thread posted March 09, 1999 12:07 PM for this information.

On May 20, 2000

You are thinking of doing exactly what my husband and I did last November. First find a free place to have your meetings-ask around friends might know a place that is free. The group we started meets at a Resource Centre that has board rooms for free for non-profit meetings. Find out where in your area you can advertise for free- newspapers, radio, t.v.,library, schools, workplaces etc. We have alot of these set up to e-mail or fax every month with the info for our meeting. Once you get people out to your meetings then you can decide what people want from a support group. We meet once a month the same time same place. Let me know by e-mail if I can help.

------------------ Karalot

On Jun 10, 2000

There are how-to's for starting a group at: [url=""][/url] Just look on that page for it and click on it.

Take care and hope, - ed