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Starlight CreativesNut Free Bakery - Lynn, MA

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Is anyone familiar with Starlight Creatives Bakery? Located in Lynn, MA. I emailed to find out if they are also seed free and they are. The response was two words - "no seeds". I asked if they have a bakery open to the public or do you have to order online only. No response to that question though. The web page shows the cookies, but says very little about the company. Rudi's on Atlantic Ave in Boston sells their cookies. Just curious if anyone knows anything about the company and has tried the cookies. They say nut free on the ingredient label. Here is the website if you want to check them out. There is a phone # but I haven't called yet, just emailed. [url=""][/url]

On Nov 27, 2006

Just received an email from them. They use Nestle's or Gharidelli chocolate for their drop cookies. Not sure if these are ok. The sugar cookies are made in a different mixer. I am going to suggest some the various nut free chocolate sources from this site. Perhaps she will start using them instead.