How many adults with PA/TNA eat or get coffee at Starbucks? How many adults with PA/TNA also let their PA/TNA child get a drink or snack at Starbucks? Who thinks that it is safe? Who thinks that they wouldn't take there child or themself there? Would like any input or advise.

Thank You!

On Oct 2, 2004

I'm not PA, only my 8 yr old son is.

At Starbucks, I'll get him the child-size apple juice (some shops will sell a small cup of apple juice for about a dollar) or I will get him a bottled juice or a bottled water.

I've never checked on their non-coffee blended drinks--they're too large and too expensive for my 8 yr old anyway, and I don't think he'd even like them. Like you, I'm curious if anyone knows about them (though in our case, I don't think I'd buy them for a kid anyway, PA or not).

I wouldn't let him have any of their bakery items, ever. I don't trust most bakeries, and Starbucks looks worse than average for cross-contamination.

On Oct 2, 2004

It seems the different Starbucks vary a little in how much nutty stuff they have, but they all seem to have some. I took my son in once with me so I could get a vanilla bean frappachino for myself. We left within a minute, because he hated the smell of the coffee. I don't drink any myself. I would let him have the madeleines as they are from Donsuemor, which is a peanut/treenut free facility that only makes madeleines. (they make chocolate dipped ones, that are potentially cross contaminated according to the chocolate supplier, but I have never seen those at Starbucks). These come in sealed packages,usually near the cash register, so I am ok with them. I am not too comfortable giving him anythng that has been handled by the staff there, as they often are hustling to make several different drinks at a time, and their hands are in and out of the bakery case, which always seems to have at least one nutty item. Seems like lots of opportunity for cross contamination. So far though, I have not given my son anything from Starbucks.

On Oct 2, 2004

dd, age 10, has had the hot chocolate as well as a bagel with nothing on it. Don't usually take her IN the store as the brewing coffee can bother her, particularly if the coffee of the day is hazelnut.

On Oct 3, 2004

Thanks for your replies. They help.

I just found the number to call to get Nutritional Information on any of their products.

1 206 447 1575

Also, they should be able to tell me which bakery in our area supplies the baked goods. I doubt that the bakery is nut free but it would be interesting to know.

My dd likes to go with dh when he goes for coffee she gets a chocolate milk or cocoa.

Thanks again.

On Oct 3, 2004

We let Jason have juice, milk or hot chocolate from Starbucks. As far as I can tell, the only big cross contamination risks are the baked goods, and the frappucinos.

On Oct 3, 2004

solarflare, what would be the cross contamination risk for the frapuccinos?

Thanks, Miriam

On Oct 4, 2004

There are no nut-flavored Fraps at my local Starbucks - I don't know if this differs nationally.

Also, one of the above posters mentioned hazelnut coffee - there are no flavored coffees here either; they can add the flavoring later, but the coffees are all straight.


On Oct 4, 2004

Amy, Sorry that was me about the Hazelnut. So many places have opened in the past year, very close by, I forget which has which. You are correct, at Starbuck's the flavor gets added later.

Two stores away though, is Panera bread and their coffee is a whole nother story.

And Dunkin Donuts is in the next strip mall.

IS there a coffee place I am missing?? [img][/img] Arlene

On Oct 4, 2004


Originally posted by California Mom: [b]solarflare, what would be the cross contamination risk for the frapuccinos?

Thanks, Miriam[/b]

Last summer they had a toffee nut frappuccino. Jason is also tree nut allergic, so I just stayed away from them. The frapps are all done in the same blenders and not cleaned well enough between uses for my tastes.

On Oct 5, 2004

I'm a Starbucks addict!

I've had their coffee (mmm mochas), chai tea lattes, hot chocolate, and blended drinks, both coffee and creme. I've never had any reactions. I think they clean their equipment pretty well, being a huge international chain with high standards you'd think that they would, but my standards for myself are probably much more lax than all of your standards for your little ones. [img][/img]

Waaaay too many nuts in the pastries, though, definitely a no-go. Not sure about the new deli stuff--never tried it.

On Oct 5, 2004

Starbucks is our 'family outing'

Some folks go out to dinner. We do not. We go to starbucks.

DW and I get coffee (DW gets a latte frothy thing...).

Sara gets a horizon milk (or vanilla milk -- kids milk, in see thru cup, with shot of vanilla) Caitlin gets a soy milk (kids milk, but soy, with a shot of vanilla, even though the soy milk is silk 'vanilla') Meghan gets umm... nothing? Maybe a juice... or we BYO juice for her.

Snacks -- No. We do not buy snacks there. Well... thats not true...

Sara will get a coookie (as we have brought a cookie for Caitlin from home thats safe..)... If we didnt bring something for Caitlin, Sara does NOT get one.

DW is on WW, so she usually would not partake in snacks there.

But if its a weak moment, she MAY get a CC cookie.. MAYBE... Depnding on how she feels...

Does she feel safe with their treats? No. Not really... For Sara? Sure. [img][/img]

Dunkin Donuts -- Know how much fat is in a donut/muffin (even lowfat) -- That persuades DW to get one, not the x-contam factor [img][/img] [img][/img]


On Oct 5, 2004

Thank you Solarflare. My dd is also tna.

[img][/img] Miriam

On Oct 5, 2004

Starbucks is good just be careful. They are wiling to help you with the allergies just tell them.

On Oct 5, 2004

I go to Starbucks all the time. Out of the three standalone local stores, one has never caused me allergy issues. they have the old steamer/espresso bar, which often has a "dedicated" steamer wand for soy at many stores. This store is set up that way, so the soy and milk never share the same wand.

The two stores with the newer automatic machines don't have a set-aside dedicated wand and I've reacted there after inadequate cleaning. I still go there, I just ask that my drink be made in a separate (individual) steamer carafe and that the wand be cleaned first. The baristas know me and they make an extra effort to keep me safe.

The problem arose after the new machines were introduced. They use a hot rag to wipe off the steamer wand, usually, but it's not a clean rag every single time (they use one until it gets grungy, then change). Basically, a new barista made a drink with steamed soymilk, then stuck a carafe of whole milk up to that steamer wand. The whole carafe was contaminated. I drink lattes, so this caused a serious problem. My lips and tongue and palate were swollen and I was covered in hives. I had no airway obstruction (a lot of experience lends stupid caution), so I just used an epi inhaler (direct spritz, not inhaled) on the swollen tissue, and took an antihistamine. The reaction went down, but had it persisted at all, I'd have whipped out the epi-pen, then walked across the street to the hospital.

I'm not allergic to tree nuts, but my soy allergy is anaphylactic. My favorite drink is actually a hazelnut mocha. I liked the irish cream, but they got rid of that syrup.

Our local starbucks don't have flavored coffees. They have flavored *syrups*.

I always tip my baristas well. They go out of their way to keep me safe. The night of the worst reaction, a new guy was behind the bar. He's since been educated by his co-workers. [img][/img]


On Oct 13, 2004

On a trip to Toronto during March break we went to Starbucks (I posted about my son being anxious during our one week vacation here in Living with PA).

At any rate, both children did have a hot chocolate with whipped cream there and I had some kind of coffee. My son was extremely concerned re PA and the person who served us, who despite dealing with a lot of people coming in after seeing a movie (we were among them), dealt with my son's questions really well.

I visited one in the summer in Ottawa with my daughter when she had her eye surgery and I did let her try one of their sample baked goods and buy a giant cookie. Not something that her PA brother could have done.

We were just recently in the same shop again, within the last couple of weeks and I only got a coffee.

The kids just know that the baked goods are off-limits to them there - oh, for example, I saw a pb nanaimo bar.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

On Oct 14, 2004


Originally posted by krasota: [b]I go to Starbucks all the time.ygg[/b]

... this doesn't surpirse me, you earthy crunchy kind of girl.... I probably know you [img][/img]

And we never get Caitlin warmed drinks...

Just take the soy milk out of the fridge, pour it into a cup (with an extra shot of vanilla).

Now sure, if you want to think that the syrup is x-contam because of some kid squirting a full glass of cows milk a shot/two of syrup, and splatter, then go nuts thinking that.. [img][/img]

We havent had a problem yet... and usually shots first (into empty cup).

Soy allergy, to , just sounds ugly... Given all Caitlins... I suppose you figure out whats safe/not... For her its easy -- nothing's safe [img][/img]


------------------ [b]* ENRICHED * [/b]

On Oct 17, 2004

Actually, if I were truly crunchy, I'd be frequenting the locally owned stores with all fair-trade beans. They use yicky chocolate syrup, however, and aren't as allergy-aware. So, I *do* go to the big-chain franchise store. Sometimes, I have to give the store that won't kill me my money, much as I'd prefer to keep it local.

I admit, I justify my starbucks expenditures by thinking of my friends who work there--they need the money and the *insurance*, so I need to be a customer. [img][/img]

Farmer's market season is almost over. I'll have to start buying shipped-in vegetables soon. *sigh*


On Oct 17, 2004

I go to chains as I know that the drink will be the same no matter where you go. Starbucks uses fare trade. You just offended a Starbucks/Peetes Coffee enthusiast by saying you would rather go to the local businesses. Just wait until I build a Starbucks in your home lol!! I can't get enough of Border's Cafe(Books) Valos Coffee,Peetes and Starbucks. Go figure. Sorry if I offended you but this is my $.0.02. BTW I have no food allergies. But I do sympathize with those that do. I want to help other people know more about food allergies.

On Oct 25, 2004

We have gone a few times, and I get my son an apple juice, and if plan on going inside, I have brought him a snack.

I was told that their bakery items are not safe, so we don't get them.