Star Puff Bakery - Nut Free!


Hi, just sharing some great news that my little boy ate donuts! He was so excited to eat a donut like his cousins can and we were thrilled to come across these nut-free little gems the other day.

The donuts are called "Star Puffs." They are made by a local bakery, The Star Puff Bakery, in Grand Rapids, MI. Our local grocery store was giving out samples, which we, of course, did not eat. They are star-shaped glazed donuts that come in a 1-dozen box direct from the bakery. That means they are not in the contaminated display case at the store. I read the box and saw no pn/tn ingredients or warning labels. So.... I called the factory and was told they are a new company, they make only this donut for which they named the factory and have no nut products in the building. They do have plans to eventually expand their product line, but for now... NO NUTS! YEA! Needless to say, we bought 6 boxes!

They are awesome! We have put these safe treats in the freezer for my son and I have written a letter to urge them to remain nut-free. I said I would share this with all of you and hopefully increase their business just because of their nut-free status.

Contact them at: The Star Puff Bakery PO Box 202 Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0202 (616)942-7485

On Apr 27, 2001

Do they have an email address? Perhaps if they hear there is interest from across the country, they will be more tempted to stay nutfree. Thanks for the info but now I am craving some Krispy Kremes!

On Apr 28, 2001

No e-mail that I know of... I think they are a new and relatively small company. But, they are OH so good!