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On Sep 16, 2007

A friend of mine forwarded this article to me today. I am going through a similar problem at my MOPS group. My youngest (who has a tree nut allergy) is in their MOPPETS program and some of the volunteers are unwilling to be trained to use it. Fortunately, one volunteer said I could train her but I have also bought walkie-talkies to use (spotty cell phone coverage in the church basement where meetings are held). Our first meeting is this week and I am wondering if in the end I will have to leave this group because if that volunteer is away, we have no one trained to use the epi pen.

It is frustrating!

Pez ds, 9, peanuts and eggs ds, 7, no food allergies ds, 4, tree nuts (walnuts, pecans and brazil nuts)

On Sep 17, 2007

*gag* *sputter* Of course some token moron has to bring up "false sense of security." What people really mean by that is "too hard or inconvenient for me." Otherwise...every precaution could be said to lead to a false sense of security. Gun bans, crosswalks, drug-free buildings, etc.

On Sep 19, 2007

Follow up Editorial written about the article.