Squirrel's Peanut Allergy - A peanut-free story - Peanut Allergy Information

Squirrel's Peanut Allergy - A peanut-free story

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Hello, I have recently written and illustrated a children's book "Squirrel's Peanut Allergy"- A peanut-free story' about a little squirrel coping with a peanut allergy. I wrote and Illustrated "Squirrel's Peanut Allergy" to help my daughter cope with her severe peanut/nut allergy. I hopes to reach out to other families to help their children understand how to live with this allergy. Squirrel shows that by understanding her allergy, keeping her EpiPen® close by, wearing her MedicAlert® bracelet and making safe choices she and the many others like her can live safely with this life threatening allergy. There is a link to my book on my website: tanyadawnrichards.com