Squirrel Trouble


We moved into a new neighborhood last fall. We noticed all through the fall and winter that there were peanut shells all over the yard. We assumed a neighbor somewhere had a feeder and that it would subside once spring came. Unfortunately, it actually increased in the spring and summer. Today, within five minutes, we had two episodes. We took our lunch out to our picnic table only to find a half eaten peanut and its shell scattered all over the table. Then my son was in the sandbox and when he scooped up a handful of sand there was a peanut shell in his hand. My question is, what would you do about this? At first we just picked them up and disposed of them. Now, it's becoming a serious issue as we are picking up peanuts and washing hands more than we are able to play. I don't know which neighbor it is and I've heard it may even be more than a block away (squirrels will bring them back to where they live.) Any advice?