-Update- He Passed!-SPT and RAST Negative -Food Challenge March 13th


I just wanted to share our good new. DS was dx with PA at 10 months old and he is now 4 1/2 and has passed both his SPT and RAST test. We were shocked when the SPT test was negative 2 weeks ago and just got the blood test results yesterday and it was also negative. I so excited and just wish we could do the food challenge sooner. I'll let you know how it goes. Gail

By mom2lily&thomas on Feb 6, 2009

Thanks Cindy, I'm a bit nervous now that I read here that some people with negative SPT and RAST still fail! We have made a point of not making it a big deal with ds but he has still asked a few times when am I going to try and eat peanuts! Thanks again for the prays. Gail

By doofusclo on Feb 4, 2009

Wow good for you all. We will pray you pass with ease. Cindy

By mom2lily&thomas on Mar 26, 2009

He passed! He started with an 1/8 of a pb cup. No reaction. Another 1/8 half hour later, no reaction. He then had a 1/4 then a 1/2 then a whole pb cup all in half hour increments.

I know when DS was first dx I looked for post like this to give me hope that it does happen. So I just wanted to share our news and give others hope that it can happen. It's still hard to believe it happened. DS is really enjoying his new freedom with food.

Best of luck to everyone here. Gail

By mom2lily&thomas on Mar 27, 2009

Best of luck. I hope it all goes well!

By MagnoliasMommy on Mar 26, 2009

My daughter's food challenge is April 8. I hope it goes as well:-) Congrats!

By readheadmom on Mar 28, 2009

When you say his SPT and RAST were negative, can I ask what his wheal was and what the RAST score was? My son was diagnosed at 6 months as PA with a RAST of .56. We repeated the RAST for the first time a few weeks ago and the result was .17, with a wheal of 4 mm. The dr. said we could do a food challenge, but said he would wait another year because he still has a 20-25% chance of reacting during the challenge.


By mom2lily&thomas on Mar 30, 2009

His SPT was negative meaning no reaction. No change in his skin what so ever, it looked the same as the water contol prick. As for RAST the doctor told me it came back negative, I questioned her about what she ment by negative she replied no traces in his blood at all. Sorry I can't be more help than that. How old is your son? We had never done an SPT before since DS had anaph reaction at age 10 months there was no point. We did an RAST at 18 months for a baseline and no other test till the ones just done in Jan. Our doctor felt confident with the challenge since both SPT and RAST were negative but she did point out the only way to know for sure was the challenge. Best of luck to your son.