Spots on my sons hand?????

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I just noticed about 10 mins ago that my son 3 1/2 years old had spots on his left hand. there must be a dozen small red spots, they are raised to a point (like a small bug bit) & each one has a white ring around it??? I at first thought they were to small to be hives. But I don't really know. In the past he did got Hives (welts) to Fish so I don't really know if these are hives or not.

He is allergic to P, E & F. He didn't eat anything new today, and everything he did have came from an opened box that he has eaten out of already????

The only other thing I can thnk of is he got used flash cards out of a box of toys I picked up yesterday. So I started thinking it was a contract reaction to something on the toy, perhaps PB????? he was play with them about 30 mins before hand.

At the time I noticed it he was playing on the carpet with his fire truck set???

I gave him Benadryl & he is acting fine. It bothers me far more then him. Of course.

I just don't know what to think, this has never happened to be before!!!

What do you think this could be?

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On Aug 24, 2004

Is it on the palm side of his hand? One thing I am thinking of is Coxsackie virus (sp.?) otherwise known as hand, foot and mouth disease. It looks a lot the way you described. It would usually be on both hands. Are there any sores in his mouth? They look pretty much like regular canker sores. Kids can get them on the bottoms of their feet, too. Diaper wearing kids often get them in the "diaper area", too - not sure about older kids.

If this is what it is it is very contagious until all the sores blister over. Sometimes there is a mild fever that goes with it.

I may be totally off track with your son but just wanted to let you know!

Good luck! Miriam

On Aug 24, 2004

I have had hives that look like this on my hands and feet. But they itch...

On Aug 24, 2004

California Mom: That is interesting that you say that. I also posted on a moms website & that is what was brought up there too. They are not on the palms (it is on the tops/backs & the sides but not palms) there are 15 on the left & 1 on the right wrist????

They do not itch & he did have a cold a few weeks back & we thought this past weekend he might be getting another. Slightly hot & sneezing.

There are no mouth sores & the feet are fine too.

I took a picture so I can ask the doctor next time we go (that if it clears up fast) other wise I'mm call them tomorrow.

Yes the photos I pulled up online of HF&M looked like them but on the internet they say palm!!! & its every part but palm (but then again my son is an exception!)

Thanks for the replies

On Aug 24, 2004

Hmmm, the not itching goes with it, too! Good idea to take a picture. My dd has some weird spots on her stomach. I don't know if they are bug bites of some kind or if they could be a very mild case of chicken pox.

Kids always keep us on our toes!!!

:-) Miriam

On Aug 25, 2004

Yeap its HF&M virus

We just got back from the Dr's

Boy was I happy, I was so upset yesterday thinking it could be contact reactions....

On Aug 25, 2004

Glad you figured out what it was. Only another food allergic mom would understand you were glad it was HF&M [img][/img] LOL!!

Hope he feels better soon!

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