Posted on: Tue, 04/13/2004 - 11:44pm
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My 4 year old PA son just started tee-ball and I'm trying to take as many precautions as I can to keep him safe. Just wondering who has an allergic child that plays sports and if you have any suggestions on ways to keep him safe. I got him his own glove, helmet and bat so I don't have to worry about what's on them. He obviously has to share a ball, be in the disgusting, contaminated dugout, etc. I didn't want to not let him play so I'm just trying to do whatever I can to allow him to play AND keep him safe. Any help would be great!!!

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Posted on: Wed, 04/14/2004 - 12:21am
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My son played tee ball, football and soccer without incident. Of course I dont allow him to eat anything.
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Posted on: Wed, 04/14/2004 - 2:14am
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Why is the dugout disgusting and contaminated? Is there peanut butter smeared all over the walls and bench??
I think you are being a tad bit paranoid about this. If you want to make sure you son is safe playing t-ball, make sure he wears a helmet so he doesn't get hit in the head with the ball while batting and running the bases.

Posted on: Wed, 04/14/2004 - 2:21am
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Both of my pa children have played sports without incident. When we are doing snack lists, I just ask parents not to send peanut butter or anything with nuts. It has never been a problem.

Posted on: Wed, 04/14/2004 - 2:54am
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I don't think it's fair to say that she is being too paranoid. Everyone has their own comfort level and every child reacts differently in different situations. Perhaps her son reacts swiftly in situations that others would think couldn't be possible. My DS has airborne reactions and others think I am being paranoid when I don't want him to be anywhere near the aroma of peanut products. However, I know first-hand what could happen to him if the aroma is in the air.
Jodi2boys - my son has played several sports since the age of 4 (he is now 6) and we have had no problems. We also put out the request to other parents not to send in any snacks with peanut products. I think (with respect to your own comfort level) you are doing all you can do to protect your son and I commend you for it!

Posted on: Wed, 04/14/2004 - 3:04am
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Jodi, our son is also starting ball this spring, it is his first real team sport. At the team meeting before the season started I just asked all the parents to make sure they clean their kids up if they have a PB&J before a game or practice, they were all very supportive. I think everyone of them mentioned a child in their school and how their school or a classroom in their school was PN free (people are getting it!).
So far their have been no snacks, but we have discussed freezies a possibility. Our DD has played ball for a couple of years now and we have never seen snacks at a game or practice. I hope kids can go an hour or two without food.
DS has also been active in Karate for a couple of years and that is the best activity we've ever been involved in for a number of reasons. The allergy thing is not an issue because cleanliness is part of the discipline. Children have to be clean (hands, feet and faces) to participate. Their is no eating in the dojo either, unless it is a tournament, and I make sure I get involved with that.

Posted on: Wed, 04/14/2004 - 6:38am
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My girls have been playing soccer and taking dance for years!! They have had a wonderfully safe time doing both! Just take precautions and watch what snacks he eats and what the other parents bring. I usually provide a list of "safe snacks" to the coach and parents bring something in off of that.

Posted on: Wed, 04/14/2004 - 7:48am
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My PA son is 10 and has playing sports since Kindergarten with no problems. I just make sure he has his own snack.
Personally, I'm more concerned about catching lice from the communal batting helmet, so we got him his own. [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 04/14/2004 - 7:54am
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This is Manuel's (he's 4; will be 5 in Sept.) first year in T-Ball, also. I spoke with the coach after the first practice and explained my concerns over the snacks given out after games. He was completely supportive and offered to pass the info along to the parents. They will be given the snacks as they leave the field. No food allowed in dug-outs. A few practices later he asked if I would mind being "in charge" of the snack rotation. This will include assigning parents a game and I can include a list of 'safe' snacks. But, even after all of this, Manuel does not eat what is provided for them. I always have his drink and his snack for prepared in advance. Our rule all along (for Mother's Day Out, family reunions, youth group activities) has been: You only eat the food that is in your lunch box. He adheres to this so well that last year at MDO, he didn't see the teacher take his pudding out of his box and adamantly refused to let her set it at his place at the table. It's what works for us.
If you find that your coach is not sympathetic, go to the Parks Commission or whatever organization is in charge of sports in your area. There may be another child with your son's issues and it may be that they can put him with a more understanding coach.
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Posted on: Wed, 04/14/2004 - 9:16am
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Nice to see you posting again, Kendra!
Now, back to your regularly scheduled thread...

Posted on: Wed, 04/14/2004 - 11:54am
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DS is 6 and plays sports including soccer and Tball. He brings his own snack as he has multiple allergies.
I let the coach know about the PN allergy ahead of time and ask that the parents do not bring snacks with obvious PN, if their is a snack rotation. Some seasons there was no group snack anyway.
The snack is always given at the end of the game, not during.


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