speghetti sauce

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Which one do you use??? I'd like to give my son some speghetti.

Thanks! Julie

On Sep 27, 2006

I use Healthy choice spagetti sause by Conagra foods.. I called to double check (my allergy is just PA/nuts) I haven't had a problem. I use Catelli pasta (the whole wheat pasta's) Anyone else???

On Sep 28, 2006

I use Prego. It's owned by Campbell's, so labeling is similar to Pepperidge Farm. I do doctor it up a little though (adding my own herbs, spices, meat, etc).

On Sep 28, 2006

i use contadina paste, sauce and chopped tomatoes in the can.

On Sep 30, 2006

Bertolli Basil and Tomato or Marinara. I called a year ago and was assured it was safe for PA/TNA.

Pasta - Ronzoni whole wheat pastas, Mueillers, Shaws,

Frozen - Mamma Rosie's cheese ravioli and gnocchi

Mrs. T's potato and cheese pierogis