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Ok..I had way too much time on my hands today to write, BUT....I have a friend in his third year of med school, and is going to specialize in allergies. My question to you all is......because I am relatively new to this site, is there a major organization, a major focus group to fundraise and to encourage and apply pressure for research in food allergies? I am going through this friend to get names at his recent convention The American Allergy association....but it has to be "FOOD"....has theis been addressed before? Can we get our ideas together. I know we all are crazily busy, but is there something by region, or anything that we can do to really show the need? I'll let you know if I find more, but just curious if this has been brought up in the past. Jennifer

On Jun 7, 2000

Check out FAN - Food Allergy Network. They have a web site, educational materials, conferences, etc.

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