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Hi there everyone. I have a question. I have a child relativek, who is severely allergic to peanuts, getting ready to spend a month in Salamanca (sp) Spain on an exchange student sorta thing. We (his family) were wondering if there were any resources to find out what the peanut oil (or protein, or whatever it is that causes the terrible allergic reaction) usage is in that general area. Are there any web sites or books on the subject or is he just going to have to ask every restaurant he eats at about the cooking oil? (Like he does in the USA.) I would really appreciate any help you folks can give me. Please respond to the following email address: [email][/email]

On Jun 24, 2004

Hello Shea-

For safety's sake, your relative should ask, but I'd say his chances are good: there is certainly no cultural culinary tradition of peanut oil use in Spain, and Salamanca is a university town, so people should be well educated. I wouldn't be surprised if the EU also had regulations on point.


On Jun 30, 2004

Any members on the boards from Spain? I have an American friend who is living there with her children. She just found out that her 13 mo old is allergic to peanuts, nuts, soy, eggs, and milk.

Does anyone know of any networks in Europe that she can contact? I've referred her to the Food Allergy & Ana. Alliance.

Thanks much!