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Spaghetti sauce

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I've been using Prego spaghetti sauce for many years. Does anyone know of another brand that does not contain peanut oil? I'd like to try a different one but I don't have the time to investigate.

On Jun 24, 2000

I use Ragu Light Tomato & Basil. It's called "Light" because it doesn't have any oil in it (I think! I don't have a jar with me to check right now.) I also use Classico Tomato & Basil, (which I just checked the label) which lists pure olive oil in their ingredients. Both are very tasty!

On Jun 25, 2000

We've been happy with the Classico Tomato & Basil. I haven't tried the Barilla brand of sauce yet, but the company says all of their red pasta sauces are peanut/nut free and run on peanut/nut free lines.

On Jun 25, 2000

We use Muir Glenn Organic pasta sauce and enjoy it very much. Andy

On Jun 25, 2000

Thanks everyone for the "safe sauce" suggestions. I have been afraid to try any of them. Finding this website and speaking with the members is so fantastic and so helpful. It is a blessing to find out we are not alone with our PA battle! Thanks, a million thanks, Lois

On Jun 25, 2000

WE really like the Barilla sauces.My daughter does not like the Classico sauces at all. WE stick to the Barilla or Prego.

On Jun 26, 2000

I use Hunt's International Orginial Sauce. This Brand comes in a Large can. Try it!. I really do not use Prego because of the milk and peanut ingredients.

On Jun 28, 2000

I use to use Classico and never had a problem, but after I found out they make a nut-containing pesto sauce on the same lines as their other sauces I stopped using them. Now I use Barrilla, their sauces are pnt/nut free...they do have a nut containing pesto sauce but it is made in a separate facility (the pesto one is made in Italy).

On Jun 28, 2000

What are the peanut and milk ingredients in Prego?

On Jun 28, 2000

I don't know what peanut products are in that sauce but I would imagine that there are certain types of Prego (like all other types of sauces) that have cheese in them, like romano or parmesean. Maybe thats what they meant by milk products.

On Jun 28, 2000

I've learned that sometimes "sometimes" Pesto is included under "other spices". Even though it is not a spice and it is my deadly nut. but because sometimes they just "sprikle" it with the pesto for an added flavor they include it in as spice. The major labels, Prego, Hunts, and Ragu have assured me they label Pesto as Pesto, but be careful of generic brands......

On Jun 28, 2000

are you allergic to the actual "pesto sauce" or are you allergic to pine nuts that are sometimes in pesto sauce? I make pesto with garlic, parmesean, olive oil and basil. I know in a restaurant when you order something w/pesto it may be sprinkled with pine nuts but I didn't think that its was mixed into a prepackaged sauce.

On Jun 28, 2000

True pesto contains pine nuts as an ingredient, not just sprinkled on top for presentation. Since they cost 7$ canadian for 3 oz, I either substitute hazelnuts or just leave nuts out altogether.

Any commercially prepared pesto very probably has pine nuts in it.

On Jun 29, 2000

thats interesting. I did a search on the internet for recipes for Pesto. A lot had pine nuts, a lot didn't. In the U.S. they are suppose to list the ingredients. "Pesto" is not per se "one" ingredient but if you buy a Pesto Sauce, the nuts in it should be listed. Are the laws in Canada different? andrea

On Jun 29, 2000

Mom2mom, I had always made pesto with either walnuts or almonds rather than the expensive pine nuts. But since my son was diagnosed, actually 3 years ago this month, I have not made pesto since. What a wonderful recipe you have - totally nut free. I'm really pleased and look forward to trying it. Also, from what I've read about pasta sauces, etc., which I have never been wary of here in Canada, I think our labelling may actually be clearer than in America. I'm not sure but the way oil in sauces is labelled here has to be very special when it comes to peanut oil and I have yet to come across a brand that had it. That's one of the labels I would never even think to read unless I was trying a totally new brand altogether. When I started reading this thread, I thought, oh no, something else to worry about, but I believe our labelling is a lot clear than in The States. And thank-you for the great nut free pesto recipe. I had always thought that it had to have the nuts and perhaps now we can enjoy it again. Incidentally, that's where I made my 1st mistake re PA. I thought peanuts and tree nuts were the same, and Jesse had eaten walnuts and almonds both in pesto so that was why I thought it was okay for him to have a chocolate bar with peanuts in it. Hmm. I now know differently.


On Jun 29, 2000

I am with Andy, Muir Glenn organic is good, no hidden "natural flavorings" on the label and you can actually find large amounts of the ingredients- mushrooms, etc. in the jar.

On Jun 29, 2000

me again....back on pesto... Unless you make it yourself please please don't ever trust someone's interpretation of PESTO......this was my "near death" experience. It was in red sauce and you couldn't see it or taste it.

I was later told by the emergency nurse, that despite what gourmet experts say.....PESTO almost ALWAYS means pinenuts and if someone makes a variation...just don't risk it. She told me stories of others who had the "chicken pesto pizza" at scholtzsky's, and other such places....

Sorry....Pesto hits my personal fear...(its like a five letter bad word)...anyways...just be careful, cause people call it different....spice, herb, nut...the whole shabang...

On Jul 1, 2000

Thank you for the suggestions for spaghetti sauces. I will try some. When the last reply said not to trust pesto unless you make it yourself, I thought of things that I would not trust. For instance, I do not eat chili, baked beans or barbeque sauce unless I can ask whoever made it if they used peanut oil. It is not uncommon for cooks to put peanut butter in chili. What do I do when I feel uncomfortable asking? I just avoid the foods that make me suspicious. I also say no to homemade desserts for the same reason. Mixed nuts can contain peanuts and are sometimes hidden in foods. I've had the person baking the item forget what they did put in it or not mention ingredients that they used so little of.

On Jul 11, 2000

Thank you for your many helpful suggestions. I tried Classico Tomato & Basil last week and I love it. I will try the others brands suggested soon. Thanks again.

On Sep 6, 2000

Thanks for all the info re: spaghetti sauce. Can anyone recommend a safe bar-b-que sauce? I noticed that some of the sauces contain mustard in it, I could use some help please. Thanks. STAY SAFE

On Oct 6, 2000

Hi all,

I never buy commercially prepared sauces (even before I knew about Wade's PA) I guess I just never found one I lliked. I have been making my own for years from a simple recipe that my mom gave me. It take very little time to prepare and makes enough that we get 3 meals out of it. If anyone wants the recipe, feel free to e-mail me at: [email][/email] and I'll be happy to send it along [img][/img]


Katiee (Wade's mom)

On Oct 6, 2000

Hi Lois,

If you are still looking for a good BBQ sauce, we use "Sweet Baby Rays". My daughter doesn't eat it, but I feel it is safe to have in the house.

On Oct 7, 2000

hello all. I guess I am confused again. I use Prego spaghetti sauce, and I was not aware that it had peanut oil in it. The label gives no indication of that. I also was not aware of BBQ sauce either. Could you guys help? Should I not be using either? thanks.

On Oct 9, 2000

my daughter is 3 1/2 and has just been diagnosed with peanut allergy after three days of the hives. does any one have a list of all foods that contain peanuts or peanut oil or other products that go by a different name for nuts that they could e mail me? i would like to keep her healthy and alive. and does anyone know if milk protien allery and peanut allergy have any profound connection. she does have both. thank you pls e mail info to [email][/email] :O)

On Dec 31, 2000

There are tomato sauces out there with nothing but tomotoes and salt in them. They can be found at any grocery store that specializes in Italian or Greek foods.

The one I use is Solaris. It is imported from Italy the label says 'Passata di Pomodoro' on it.

This way I add what I want and does not take much more time to cook that the others.

Hope this helps.