Soynut Butter Question


Hi,I have been reading all the threads about soy nut butter. I have seen it in our grocery stores and was wondering if it would be safe. Soy nuts are also very high in protein...and was a little concerned about feeding it to my dd. Did anyone else have these concerns?

On Jul 8, 2003

Unless your daughter is allergic to Soy, there shouldn't be any problems. There is nothing "nutty" about Soy "Nut" butter - it's just soy beans, called "Nut" to sell better.

You'll want to make sure that what ever brand you are thinking about isn't made on lines that make Peanut Butter.

------------------ Sherlyn Mom to 3 year old twins Ben & Mike - one PA & the other not. Stay Informed And Peanut Free!

On Jul 8, 2003

Thanks for responding, as far as i know she is not allergic. She has eaten things with soybean oil in it and had no problems. The soy nut butter I saw was the one that was talked about on another thread.

On Jul 9, 2003

I.M> Healthy soynut butter is the one to go with. pls. call and ck. for yourself but that is all they produce

On Jul 10, 2003

This is just personal preference. Since soybeans are "related" to peanuts, we stay away from soynut butter. We have tried it, but I feel much better about using Sunbutter made from Sunflower seeds. He does not have a soy allergy, but I don't add unnecessary soy to his diet as some kids have eventually developed an allergy to soy after eating lots of soynut butter (from what I've read here.)

On Jul 10, 2003

Yes, ryansmom that is why i have stayed away from it. Did Ryan react when you gave him the soy nut butter? I do not feed Madison sunflower seeds either....when she was little, my dh kissed her on the cheek..she broke out in hives in a perfect lip shape...he had eaten sunflower seeds that day. I do not know if it was the seeds or that they had been processed in a plant with peanuts. I would so much like to try her with these foods...but am too afraid...any suggestions?

On Jul 12, 2003

He said he "kind of liked it" when he had it in a cookie. He doesn't particularly like the texture though, even Sunbutter, although he occasionally likes Sunbutter and Jelly cracker sandwiches. He's more of a cheese cracker eater. Just loves milk and cheese.

About an hour after he ate it, he said his tummy ached. A reaction? Who knows but I felt it prudent to avoid a legume-based spread. I have him avoid direct soy products like Soynut butter and soy sauce, but if I cook with soy sauce I scoop out his portion of food first, then add soy sauce.

Our allergist is somewhat cautious with CAP RAST and skin prick results, with some people getting false positives. He told me the most important gauge is the actual medical history to a particular food. He was quick to test for peanuts after a definite violent reaction to PB cups, but was somewhat resistant to test for tree nuts. Ryan was tested last month for tree nuts with low numbers around 1. His peanut was >100 two years ago, and now is 64.

These things are so highly individualized, that I can only say what we do works for us/Ryan. If your gut instinct tells you to avoid Soynut butter, then do it. Some people test positive for soy, but can tolerate soy lecithin and small amounts in food quite well. Others don't. Same with egg.