SoyNut Butter is PA FREE


Soynutbutter and products made by them r Peanut free made in a factory that does not allow peanuts in it [img][/img]

On Sep 26, 2001

I tried this the other day. I admit it was totally for myself (I am not PA, just DD), as I think my daughter is still too young to be asked to distiguish soy nut butter from p-butter. Even though it had been years, I remember enjoying p -butter and was thankful to have a safe alternative and not have to worry if I left out a dirty knife, don't have the counter perfectly clean or whatever. I got the smooth and it was great. I did notice a chunky flavor too. This is a great alternative and I was really excited. It would be a lifesaver for moms who have non PA kids and PA kids.

On Sep 27, 2001

They also have creamy with honey and a choc flavor mmmm havent tried but sounds good I just ordered a case (12 18oz jars) an dshould get it today my PA 9 yo loves it and so does my nonPA 3yo they both love the roasted soynuts toooo!!!!!


On Mar 24, 2002

Hi! I have used the soy butters for years and they are great. I didn't like the flavor in baked cookies. It works great in no bake type cookies. The choc is wonderful! Connielynn

On Mar 25, 2002

For Thanksgiving and Christmas I made 300+ soynutbutter cookies!!! I used my favorite pbutter cookie recipe (from my Wonderful Mom) and added more shortning and less flour because Soynutbutter is dryer than pb it turned out WONDERFUL(just make sure to use extra of the BUTTER flavor shortning and less flour MMMM.... It brought back all my childhood memories of baking pb cookies with my mom now I can do the same with my PA 10yo and non PA 4yo!!! my only problem was I doubled the recipe(to much excitement I guess) and had cookies coming out my ears!!! but noone in the family could tell the difference in them than reg pb cookies!!! They were all going "OH dont eat those they are PB!!!" Much to there surprise they were SOYNUT BUTTER!!!! if you want my recipe let me know!!!!


On Apr 17, 2002

Can anyone tell me where you can buy this soynutbutter? The ones I have looked at in health food stores say that it was manufactured in a plant with Peanuts etc. If I could find this soynutbutter it would be a great alternative for peanut butter and so my daughter so she wont feel left out when she starts school.

On Apr 18, 2002

Okay -- this should link you to their website....


...and it does. [img][/img]

You can click on "Where to Buy" and search by ZIP code. The (very pleasant) representative with whom I spoke this afternoon said it's available in both the US and Canada, so it should be an option for almost all of us.

We are on our fifth or sixth jar of the creamy unsweetened variety -- really good. The CSR suggested trying one of the sweetened varieties, too, as kids generally prefer them. Of the kinds that we've tried, I would rate this far ahead of the pack in terms of taste and texture.

*You may have to stir some of the oil back in, as you would with "natural" peanut butter. Give yourself a minute or two to do this when you first open the jar, and you should be all set.


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On Apr 18, 2002

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On Apr 21, 2002

Also I tried to find SNB in my area and NO LUCK boohoo so I called The Soynutbutter Co. and u can order direct from them. $40.00 for a case and it is shipped to your door!I know it sounds like alot but it lasts forever on the shelf.( OR if u r like me I got mine this summer and only have 3 jars left!!)anyway just a thought. It also works out to be less than buying at store!


On Apr 27, 2002

I also buy it by the case. I order it from Larry at [url=""][/url] and usually get it within one or two days. [img][/img]

Only $42 per case shipped, and you can mix flavors if you want to. [img][/img]


On Feb 17, 2004

simply re-raising!! Bought soy nut butter for the first time this past weekend and it was great. My PA child was reluctant to try it at first because he was afraid that I would have to give him his epi-pen. He tried it and didn't like that "stick to the roof of your mouth feeling". He didn't react to it. If he doesn't eat it at least the rest of the family has enjoyed it. It tastes great with jam. I think that is all we have been eating for lunch for the last couple of days LOL. I guess the family missed it more than we thought....... [img][/img]