Soynut butter and Patisserie Fortin


Hello, I am new to the board and wanted to share some info. I could no longer find the I.M. Healthy brand of soynut butter at the local Loblaws. Tonight while shopping at Loblaws, I found a new peanut, dairy and gluten free,(and organic!} soynut butter from Naturalife brand. There is no 1 800 # or website, the jar says imported by DMR food corporation(Naturalite) 50 Jutland road, Toronto , Ontario. Also is anyone familiar with the Fortin brand of individually wrapped cakes? similar to the Vachon brand which is not safe.) It is owned by Weston and when I called(1-800-661-7246) I was informed that all their cakes were made in a nut/peanut free facility! So far we have tried the banana cake with chocolate frosting, carrot cake with white(cream cheese?) frosting, and a type of soft cookie with dates and raisins, the kids really like them. They do label for other allergies such as sulfites.

On Jul 3, 2005

I am not familiar with Patisserie Fortin, which is a shame, cause they're from Montmagny and we vacation close to that! I'll check them out. Thanks for the tip!

On Sep 12, 2005

I just bought the Naturalife Soynut butter at the Supercentre. They had 3 flavours, (regular, honey and crunchy). I tasted the honey one and it is not bad.