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As you can probably tell, yesterday was NOT a good PA day!

When I went to pick up Soy Wonder Soy Butter, I noticed a new product on the next shelf - Peanut Wonder. (Soy Wonder prominently states "contains no nuts" on the label.) I called the company to find out if they are made on shared equipment, and after calling several different people, I finally got the "right" person. He said yes, they are made on the same equipment as they are essentially the same product, just made with different ingredients. He did not know what the cleaning processes were between runs, etc.

Needless to say, I almost bit his head off. I brought to his attention that the label promotes this as a nut-free product, so allergic people are likely to trust it. His reaction - "Wow, you're right." My message to his supervisor has yet to be returned.

Fortunately Kevin has never eaten it since he hates it, but I was planning to make Cayley's Mom's cookies with it.

Good thing my computer was out of commission for most of yesterday, as you all would have needed flak suits to read my messages, had I been able to type them! [img][/img]


On Mar 5, 2002

Now this had me angry!!!!!!!!! My PA son will NOT touch the Soy Butter as it closely resembles PB and smells just like it. However, my non-PA son eats it constantly. He loves his soy butter sandwiches and devours it. He is very small for his age and needs lots of extra calories and this was the perfect answer for us. He could sit at our table and eat them right next to his brother with me having the reassurance that it was safe. I have an open jar sitting on my shelf right now. What am I supposed to do? Let him finish this jar and then ban it from our house or throw it away immediately? I am very upset and am going to contact them tomorrow.

On Mar 5, 2002

Naomi, please let me know what they tell you.


On Mar 5, 2002

Aw Amy - that's just stoopity at its worst isn't it????!!! Please keep us up to date on Soy Wonder.

The brand I use for my soy butter cookies is I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter. It says PEANUT-FREE! right on the label, and it's [b]not[/b] the same company as Soy Wonder. Can you get this brand in your area? It's made in Illinois, I seem to recall, but if we Canadians can get, surely it must be available in the NY area?

Good luck reining in your temper! I don't think I'd be able to if the supervisor doesn't have a reeeeeeaaalllyyyy good answer... [img][/img]


On Apr 10, 2003

Bumping up for Beth.


On Apr 10, 2003

Thank you Amy. Now I AM confused. My response from the company seemed so straight-forward. I just don't get the contradiction in answers. If anyone else gets new info, I'd sure be interested to hear it.

On Apr 18, 2003

I also use the IM Healthy soy butter. I buy it by the case from [url=""][/url] and call each time I order. The price is excellent and a case lasts us quite awhile.


On Jul 23, 2003

Carolyn, do you still use IM Healthy? Do you get it in a specialty store or regular? Also, if it's a regular store, is it in the *health food* section?

Gale, I checked your link and can't get through. Not sure if the problem is the link, or me.

On Jul 23, 2003

Yep AnnaMarie we still use I.M. Healthy all the time. I use it in place of PB in all my baking recipes (although it's unsweetened so sometimes you have to add extra sugar) and Cayley's favourite sandwich is soybutter and honey.

I buy it at our local IGA but I've also seen it at the Valu-Mart. You can also buy it at bulk food stores - just make sure it's the name brand 'I.M. Healthy SoyNut Butter' and it says "peanut free" on the label ("Accept no imitations!" LOL!).

It's not cheap - about $5.99 or higher for a medium to small jar - but it's a great PB substitute for anything from cookies to Thai stir fries. It looks just like PB and I must say, I had a mini-panic attack the first time Cayley tried it - brought back unpleasant memories of her licking PB for the first time. Ugh. [img][/img]

If you're lucky, you might find the I.M. Healthy flavoured soy butters - like Honey, Chocolate and Chunky, etc. Last time I checked the flavoured varieties were only available through mail order and they didn't ship to Canada.

Good luck!

Carolyn [img][/img]

On Jul 23, 2003

It's actually for baking I want it, so plain would probably be best. And actually, it sounds cheaper than the pumpkin seed butter. (Plus, my cookies won't be green. [img][/img] )

I don't really miss pb&j, but I miss my mom's pb cookies.

And I think there's even a Vlu-Mart near here.


On Jul 23, 2003

I have never eaten peanut butter (except for that one bite when I was 2 years old which I do not remember).

I have never eaten soy nut butter. Why? In my mind, I associate it with peanut butter. My mind has become so accustomed to a ifetime at avoiding peanut butter that I can't bring myself to even try it.

I also don't eat Miss Vickie's chips, even though they haven't been made in peanut oil for years. But the image of Miss Vickies being unsafe was so embedded into my mind that I just don't eat them. Even though I know they are safe.

I guess since I have no memory of eating peanut butter, as a result I don't miss it at all. Which is different than someone like Anna Marie, who does miss the peanut butter cookies since she has the memory.

On Jul 25, 2003


Originally posted by AnnaMarie: [b] Gale, I checked your link and can't get through. Not sure if the problem is the link, or me. [/b]

Nutbusters has closed their business. They recommend ordering directly from the Soy Nut Butter company now. The number is 800-288-1012. Their website is [url=""][/url] . It says this right on their homepage: [i]I.M. Healthy

On Jul 26, 2003

If you have Trader Joe's, they have their own brand, with a label that says peanut free, for about $329, if I recall correctly. I even wonder if I.M. might make it for them. The colors on the lable are so similar. becca

On Jul 26, 2003

Oops! That's $3.29! becca

On Jul 26, 2003


Originally posted by becca: [b]Oops! That's $3.29! becca[/b]

Hi Becca,

yes, hard to believe anyone would buy it for $329. Even in our Canadian money, that's a lot! haha

On Jul 26, 2003

AnneMarie - Have you tried Golden No Nuts Peabutter? I'm in Western Canada, and we can get it now at Safeway and IGA. It's a Canadian product - made in Alberta - and I find it much better than the IM Health Soynut Butter or the Sunbutter that is also available. Check it out [url=""][/url]

Small jar about $4.00, but more than worth it. M

On Sep 4, 2003

I'm going to call this company about the product again just to be sure about how they process their products. I ate some of the IM Healthy Soy Nut butter and my throat become itchy after eating --I'm only diagnosed for TNA, but careful with all.

On Sep 4, 2003

Does anyone use sunbutter? I just heard about this and wonder what the vote is on it?

------------------ supermom