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Last week I had a mild peanut reaction. My boyfriend fixed a commmon meal for us. Chicken in soy sauce with rice. The only thing I could think of was the soy sauce. I looked at the bottle and there was no mention of peanut products. The bottle was half empty and so I have ate it earlier with no problems. It was La Choy soy sauce. Anyone know anything about this? (I do eat Chinese food carefully, but I have sort of gotten lazy about checking labels since it has been about 5 years since I have had a-shock)


On Jun 21, 2002

Do you also have an allergy to shellfish? My son does and cannot have soy sauce. Hope this helps. Valerie

On Jun 21, 2002

I love soy sauce, but for some reason I've never liked La Choy even the smell of it I don't like. Usually when that happens to me it's because I'm allergic to it. I've never called to see what their chance of contamination is, but it very easily could be run on the same line with Thai Peanut Sauce or something. I've always used Kikkoman (sp?) with no problems - I prefer the light in the green bottle (less salty) over the black bottle but have never experienced a problem with either.


On Jun 21, 2002

Thanks Rebekah! I know I had a reaction that night to something and soy sauce has been something new on my diet. But this is the 2nd bottle of LaChoy I have gone through and this is the first time anything has happened. (And peanuts are the only food I am allergic to). But who knows. I was glad that it wasn't a serious thing, just a lot of coughing for a few hours. I will have to try that other brand of soy sauce. Thanks for the tip!


On Jun 22, 2002

My 8 year old pa daughter had a horrible reaction and a migraine from soy sauce last summer. Viola, since she is peanut allergic she is also highly allergic to soy since soy is also a legume. Same family as peanuts. You may also have a soy allergy that does not normally bother you. But soy sauce is pure soy protein you may have noticed it more. Good luck and stay away from soy sauce.

On Jun 23, 2002

I called LaChoy last August and was told that their soy sauce DOES have a chance of cross-contamination with their nut-containing sauces. I also called Kikkoman and they told me that they do not produce anything with nuts and their sauces are safe. Please double-check as this was last summer. I like the Kikkoman soy sauce better, too.


On Jun 23, 2002

Thanks for all of the help so far. I have written down LaChoy's number and I plan to call tomorrow about the issue. There is nothing on the packageing that says peanuts are involved in any way. Anyhow, I will post once I find out what they say. Thanks again!


On Jun 24, 2002

I just got off the phone with the company that makes LaChoy soy sauce and they told me that it is made on the same line as PEANUT OIL! What? That is insane. Why isn't this labeled? Normally I am not too sensitive to cross contamination in that way. I can eat Little Debbie snacks without any problems (heck I think I am the person that keeps them in business). But still, there are others that are very sensitive and the fact that they are made on the same line as peanut oil should be on the label. Well now we know.


On Jul 9, 2002

I too have been looking for a safe soy sauce. I just received the following e-mail reply from Kikkoman and thought I'd share it with you all. As they mention below, please be sure to check where the soy sauce is manufacturered before purchasing it.


We received your e-mail inquiring about Kikkoman Soy Sauce and Teriyaki Sauces. You wrote that your daughter is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and nut oils. You asked if our soy and teriyaki sauces are "free of any cross contamination with any nuts or nut oils."

Kikkoman sauces that are brewed and produced by Kikkoman Foods, Inc. in Walworth, WI do not contain any kind of nuts or nut oils in them. Therefore, the soy and teriyaki sauces manufactured at this plant would be free of cross contamination. Please check the back of the label to see where the sauce was produced.

We hope you find this information helpful to you as you plan your meals for you family. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know.

Sincerely, KIKKOMAN INTERNATIONAL INC. Consumer Services

On Sep 5, 2002

Just re-raising this thread on soy sauce. Please note above for Kikoman that you need to check the plant where it is made.

On Apr 8, 2003

Just re-raising to say I called Kikkoman today at 1-262-275-6181 and spoke with Laura Sharon about their soy sauce and she stated what was written above. That they are peanut/nut free, no cross-contamination, just make sure it's from the Wisconsin plant. [img][/img] kcmom