Soy lecithin


My son has a peanut allergy and I've read a few places that soy lecithin is ok, but plain lecithin is not. I give my son Gerber fruit and veggie puffs and they have soy lecithin in them. Should I not be giving these to him??

On Apr 12, 2006

I give my dd products that have soy lecithin in them if it is a company that we trust and products that we know are safe. She is PA/TNA and soy allergic. She has always been fine with soy lecithin but not with soy protien, soy flour, soy oils, or soy milk.


On Apr 13, 2006

My understanding of the matter is that lecithin can be made from peanuts, but it is almost always made from soy in our food supply. If the label says "soy lecithin", it is not a concern for peanut allergy. If it only says "lecithin", you'd want to look into it further before feeding it to your child. But I think we're covered now because of the new labeling law; they have to state peanut if it actually contains it, not hide it in an ingredient like that. I have seen one label change since then: Mrs. Richardson's hot fudge sauce used to say "lecithin", but now it says "lecithin (soy)".

On Apr 20, 2006

Ok, thank you!