Soy and Peanuts

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I am severely peanut allergic, yet I am able to eat/have soy. Is this unusual? From reading some of the other topics, it seems as if soy could become a problem. I am surprised that it is not a problem because peanuts are a legume, which soy is also. I cannot have other legumes such as peas, lentils or lima beans. But soy seems to be okay. Do you think there is a possibility that soy will become a problem? I am post-menopausal and consume a lot of soy.

On Mar 4, 2002

Hi Marcia

I honestly can't say for sure whether or not you will become sensitised to soy, but I have been pa / tna all my life (I'm 23) and I have always eaten soy, sesame, beans and pretty much any other legume - although I don't much like the taste of most of them!

If you are worried about this, perhaps you should see an allergist?


On Mar 4, 2002

Hi, Marcia - I am also very allergic to PA/TNA and even airborne for as long as I can remember and one of my favorite veggies is peas which is a legume. I have been eating a lot of soy products for the past 2 years without a problem. I know sometimes is seems as if every time you read something, it contradicts what you read before. Good luck - hope this helps.