Southwest was wonderful


We flew Southwest for the first time and they were wonderful. They were very aware of the no peanut request- everyone was familiar and it was totally hassle free. They served pretzels both directions and it was really great!

every employee seemed to be educated about this request and it was simple and easy!

On Oct 18, 2004

Thanks for the info, we will be flying SW with our PA daughter in a couple of weeks.

Definately relieves a bit of my anxiety!


On Oct 18, 2004

Our family flies SW several times a year. They have always been very accomodating and caring regarding my son's peanut allergy.

On our most recent trip to Florida last summer, I made the phone call prior to the flight requesting they not serve pn. We got to the airport and checked with the gate attendant. Even reminded the flight attendant. No peanuts were going to be served.

Imagine my surprise when the same flight attendant began handing out peanut packages along with drinks. Yikes! The look of horror on my face resulted in her promptly removing them from everyone she had just served. Luckily we were seated just a few rows from the front.

Only one older man seemed to have a hard time understanding why she had to take away his beloved peanuts and he made quite a stink. The attendant was adamant that Southwest could not let him have them if there was a PA person on board. She ultimately won the battle.

I should have contacted SW management about her performance. I was quite impressed.

On Oct 18, 2004

Another note regarding SW. Plan to fly in the morning. They do not serve the bagged peanuts prior to 10 or 11 am.

Since SW has such a quick turnaround at the gate, they do not clean the planes well and oftentimes I have found loose peanuts on the floors.

I always carry baby wipes or handy wipes and clean DS's seat and surrounding area. He also wears longs pants and long sleeve shirts when flying.

On Oct 18, 2004

Kudos to SWA. I know they are very accomodating.

On Oct 20, 2004

Southwest is very accommodating - the only thing I would stress is to make sure you mention your son's/daughter's/your PA at every step along the way, including the flight attendant (even then you have to be vigilant, based on Scooby's experience). I had a similar experience to Scooby's where they started to hand out peanuts even after I told everyone along the way - reservationist, luggage check-in, gate - EXCEPT for the flight attendant...I assumed word had gotten to her. It hadn't. They were VERY accommodating once they realized, but the system isn't foolproof, communication often breaks down.


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On Oct 20, 2004

Please see my post under Airlines, "SW warning". Communication problems are indeed a problem. And if you don't fly first thing in the morning the chances of finding stray peanuts are extremely high. I won't be letting my son fly on their airlines ever again. They were very friendly about the whole thing and did try to make amends, but the continuous lack of communication between the ticket desk and the flight crew is not worth the risk. They did send me $200 worth of SW airline vouchers because of my letter of complaint to them. But I ended up giving it away to a family member.

If you are at all concerned about skin contact that could lead to a mucosal contact, I would stay away from SW airlines. They don't have time to clean the plane between flights. And are they still serving the crackers with peanut butter?

------------------ Mary Kay

On Oct 21, 2004

We did tell the ticket agent- she then called down somewhere else, but did tell me to tell them at the gate as well. When I got to the gate I let them know as well. They also then called the operations person.

When we boarded I again told the first SW person I came into contact with as we boarded the flight.

We also Pre-Boarded so that I could wipe down my dd area and also talk with the flight crew.

They were very aware of what this meant and in one direction even announced that they would not be serving peanuts as they had a passenger on board with an allergy.

Overall, I was very pleased, mostly that they were willing to accomodate at all- they did recommend the first flight of the day to be the safest but we could not do that!

I think if you pre-board and wipe down the area and look around you are doing the best that you can do under the circumstances!