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My family will be traveling to Disney in May. My 2 year son has a severe peanut allergy. Southwest Airlines says that with a note from my doctor they will not serve peanuts on any of our flights. Has anyone had experience with Southwest?

On Feb 2, 1999

Wow! I haven't heard of that. A note from the doctor?? I have flown Southwest before and didn't realize that serve peanuts. I ended up standing at the very back of the airline to avoid the smell. Luckily it was a short flight. I have had great success with Alaska Airlines and Reno Air. Both will not serve nuts if you tell them about your son's allergy. No doctor's note needed. Good luck!

On Feb 3, 1999

I have flown with Southwest Airlines before and find them to be very accommodating. Can't figure out why they would want a note from the doctor--I mean, who would want to make that up???? Kind of ridiculous; however, I guess you need to do what they ask. I just contacted U.S. Air (Metrojet division) regarding my flight and there was no problem. They have made a note to contact catering and there will be pretzels served on both of my flights. They did ask me to call them again 6 days prior to my flight just to remind them. Fortunately, there is not a "meal" flight involved which makes it easier. Christine

On Feb 4, 1999

Just wanted to let dhumphries know that I am going to Disney World Feb 6th. I recently found out my 3 year old has a severe peanut allergy. Disney has been so accomodating. I faxed my itinerary of restaurants and parks to Brenda Bennett. Almost all the restaurants have called me at home and the other ones will meet me there. They are not just accomodating but want to have stuff all ready available for you (snacks etc.) at special locations in the park. They are very aware of cross-contamination and will make anything you want special. I can't rave enough about this service. They have been so kind and supportive. If you have to go anywhere and have an allergy to anything this is the place to go. I fyou want to contact Walt Disney World call Brenda Bennett.

On Feb 4, 1999

Hi Patti, My son has a peanut allergy,dairy,and alot of other food allergies and we are going to disney world in April and I am very nervous about going with his allergies. I have been thinking of cancelling it because of it and then I saw your post. How can I contact Brenda Bennett? Have a great time!! Thank you

On Feb 5, 1999


Me too--how can I contact this person. I've been trying to do it all myself. Right now, I've been trying to contact the 'Ohana's restaurant at the Polynesian and have been unsuccessful in getting a response. If you have a phone number that would be great. Christine [email]MirandaN@aol.com[/email]

On Feb 15, 1999

Just got back from WDW. It was great. I too was very nervous about the trip, but we dined exclusively in the parks and restaurants. The chefs personally came out and spoke with me. Brenda Bennetts number is 1-407-824-5967. She will let the resaurants know that you are coming. They handle all types of food allergies. If you don't know all the restaurants don't be afraid to ask when you are there. The cast members are very helpful too. My sons were eating cookies that my husband got them. My daughter then wanted something too. I didn't want to lose our seat for the parade. I asked a cast member if she knew if the cookies had any peanut cross contamination. She came back a few minutes later and said the dough did state that there could be trace products. She then offered to get Katherine anything she wanted and brought her back vanilla ice cream free of charge. They only served vanilla so I didn't have to worry about the spoon. Remember Disney is out to please, so take advantage of it and ask everyone. They take it very seriously. We also spent 3 more nights at Disney's Vero Beach. Brenda had also informed them and they were ready for us. One more note. We were staying at the Wilderness Lodge and our hotel actually baked special bread, hot dog rolls, and hamburger rolls in case Katherine needed them. they will cook anything special for you, but I found out that most of the food did not contain peanut products. They really only warned me to stay away from the baked goods and would offer to make any dessert Katherine wanted. Good luck and have fun. We did!!!! I want to go back already and it's only been a day.

On Mar 1, 1999

Patti, Thanks for the information. I will give her a call before we leave. When we go out for dinner I always bring my own food for my son and I know I can't do that being a disney. I am glad you guys had a great time.