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On Jan 2, 2009

I wanted to share my recent experience with Southwest. They were awesome. When I booked the flight online, I called and spoke with an agent because I was uncertain about the guidelines for bringing Jacob's epi pens on board (I wasn't sure if I needed a note from the Doctor). They told me that they would make a note of his allergy and to be sure and tell the attendants when we boarded the plane as well.

We were given 2 cards at the airport (one for me to keep and the other to give to the flight attendant). The told me they would not serve peanuts on this flight due to the risk of peanut dust in the cabin. They were so great to us!! I cannot say enough good things about them.

There was a man right beside us that actually asked for peanuts to go with his beer and he was told that they could give him a pack as he exited, but they could not give them to him during flight because of an allergy on board. He seemed a little miffed and boy was I ready for a fight if he had said too much. (He didn't know that we were the reason he couldn't have nuts with his beer).

They did tell me that they could not stop passengers from bringing their own peanuts on board, but I didn't see any and we had no problems.

Hats off to Soutwest for making my life a little calmer!!!!!

On Jan 2, 2009

I am so pleased to hear your story. We have not have a chance to fly with southwest, but definitely will keep them in mind for our next trip. I think that you should send them this link, they will be pleased to know that their works are appreciated. (and of course, encourage them to continue.) Thank you for sharing this.