Do not fly Southwest, They serve Peanuts on their Planes. I mean a bag of them. We flew from TN to Las Vegas(PA child at home)and you could smell the Peanuts everywhere on the plane.

On Feb 25, 2001

Southwest will remove peanuts from a flight and serve a substitute snack for everyone on the flight. You have to ask them first! Make sure your request is your travel flie, call again later and check it is in. You need a doctors letter to show when you check in, and also check with everyone in the check-in boarding procedure. We have flown many times with SW over a couple of years, and have always been delighted with how they handle our situation. But you have to ask them first and work your way throught the process, it takes time but it's worth it. Oh and get to the airport early, it really helps.

On Sep 23, 2001

I am a wreck. We are flying Southwest in December to Texas and my son who is PA has never been on a plane. Our Allergist is usually great but this time he was not to comforting. His answer was .......don't just take one Epi-Pen. Will I need that right to administer too, since I am the parent and he is 5 and I will be there with him in case of a reaction?

On Jan 15, 2002

We flew to Disney last summer. When making airline reservations, I was told to bring a letter from our doctor and give it to them at check in. We did this and they were very gracious. They served a substitute for peanuts and announced that there were allergic individuals on board to please not open anything that contains peanuts during t he flight. We made it fine. Good Luck!

On Jan 15, 2002

Beware! Although Southwest will accomodate you when you make the request, they do NOT clean the airplanes in between flights. So, even if peanuts are not being served on your flight, it doesn't mean the previous flight was peanut free. We went through the whole procedure as mentioned in the previous posts to make sure our flight was peanut free. They did accomodate us, however, when we boarded, there were peanuts all over the floor and seats. I had to wipe everything down (trays, seats, windows, arm rests). As for the peanuts on the floor, I couldn't do much about them. I just instructed my PA son to stay in his seat and not touch anything. Fortunately, we made it through reaction free.

On Jan 15, 2002

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On Feb 2, 2002

This was sent by email to us:

>> Chris,

I want you to post on your list that Southwest Airlines took off all peanuts on board 2 flights I took with them when I told them of my allergy. United only removed peanuts for a few rows front and back, but Southwest completely removed them from the entire plane.

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