Sorry i forgot to introduce myself

Posted on: Sun, 12/16/2001 - 7:02pm
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My name is Moh vaga and i am living in Australia.Viksa is my 5 year old son who has
high level of peanut allergy.Is there any mom or Dad out there who can tell me more about this epipen please and possible cure to this allergy.

Posted on: Mon, 12/17/2001 - 1:28am
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Hello, and Welcome!
The EpiPen is a "travel sized" (if you will) injection of epinephrine - the same stuff the hospital probably gave your son as treatment for his reaction. You should definitely have a few on hand, wherever your son is, as well as on his person if at all possible. I'd talk with your pediatrician/family doctor ASAP if you don't have an EpiPen. Immediate treatment is crucial in an anaphylactic reaction, and the EpiPen is that treatment, followed by a trip to the hospital.
As for a cure, there isn't one... as far as I know. There is a vaccine of sorts in the works, but might not be available for a couple years. The shot would be a monthly thing, and is supposed to lessen the reaction, not cure the allergy.
I'm sorry about your son's reaction. No more eating in the dark, I guess! [img][/img]
Take care, and hang around here - you'll learn soooooo much!!

Posted on: Mon, 12/17/2001 - 4:59am
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Vikas dad,
Tammy is so right. There is so much information on this site to help parents such as us. Do take her suggestion and explore the site as much as possible. There is a huge amount of information to help our children.
Good luck with your son.
P.s. Do try the vermont nut free company if you allow your son to have candy. My son is having a ball discovering all the delicious nut free candy they offer. He recently had one of their truffles(of course never had a truffle in his life, they are not safe)The look on his face said it all, TRULY A TRIP TO HEAVEN for him.

Peanut Free Store

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