Son\'s Red and Itchy Ears

Posted on: Sun, 01/19/2003 - 10:17am
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My PA son has been getting bright red ears that he says are really hot. He holds them against the glass windows to cool down. There are no other symptoms, but my gut says this is allergy related. I have a doctor's appointment, but has anyone else seen this?

Posted on: Sun, 01/19/2003 - 10:38am
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My DD often has itchy ears but I think it is her eczema. Have you checked the skin in the crease behind his ears? If it's cracked and scaly then it might be eczema.
I hope it's not PA but I'm new and really don't know.

Posted on: Sun, 01/19/2003 - 10:58am
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My sons ears got red and itchy when he was very young and having a reaction. He always had other symptoms, the ears were just one of the first to appear.

Posted on: Sun, 01/19/2003 - 10:16pm
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Poor little guy! I have no helpful info. but I hope you get to the bottom of it. Miriam

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 12:25am
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My son's left ear was red during his only rxn. He also had hives on his stomach. Benadryl cleared it all up. Hope this helps.

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 12:28am
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Hmmmm...I'm glad you brought this up! No advice here, but my son also gets bright red ears. He does have excema, but I've never noticed it behind his ears. I just assumed it was from being overheated, the way my daughter's cheeks flush. Please let us know if you figure things out. I will be paying closer attention to my son's ears!
Be safe,

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 12:39am
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When my histamines are active or when I forget to take my Clarinex my ears get red and itchy. This is a very common sign that my allergies are acting up.

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 9:40am
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I get bright red ears when I am overly anxious. They don't itch at all.

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 9:54am
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nancy023, I happened to be surfing tonight for information on cod liver oil and I thought of your post when I came across this description of an allergic reaction suffered by a young boy. It describes the same red, and hot ear symptoms.
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Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 10:30am
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Thanks for all your comments and sympathy. I feel awful for him, too. I think it is histamine related, but I am wondering if it is a newly developing food allergy. The poor kid is already allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, peas, beans, eggs, turkey, and soy. We're running out of things to feed him. Oh shoot, his Dr. appt. is tomorrow and I just gave him Benadryl. No skin testing. Maybe I'll get an order for blood testing. Thanks again.

Posted on: Mon, 01/20/2003 - 4:17pm
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Dear Nancy023
This is interesting. My son also gets the red hot ears. Only occasionally. And they actually do feel hot to the touch. (And it is not accompanied by a fever) The first time my doctor said it was an outer ear infection (whatever that means). The second time he actually had a double inner ear infection.
I really don't know what this is. If you get some answers, please pass them on to us.
Thanks and good luck!
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