Son's allergic reaction


My 16 yr old son has had 2 allergic reactions in the past 5 months...both times swelling of lips, eyes and throat (he desribes a persistent cough and difficulty swallowing). Both times at school and had epi pen adminstered, after benadryl. He has been peanut positve since age 4, but we had gone 11 years with any type of reaction.

The first time was in the morning, after having orange juice and strawberry poptart-kellogs. Today incident occured right after lunch. He had brown bagged it and had turkey & cheese sub, poweraide, combos, a tangerine and a cherry nutrigrain bar. All items he has eaten numerous times except the tangerine. He said as soon as he put that in his mouth he felt a tingling,numb feeling and only ate 2 slices. but is was consumed immediately after the other food.

He was re-test in Dec. for the nut allergy and the verbal report was "his allergy levels had decreased from his earlier tests". We assumed it was some type of cross contaiminatin with the pop tart.

What should I do next...we are scheduled to see allergist next week, and I will ask that he be tested for cherry, strawberry, soy and tangerine.

Any suggestions, ideas would be appreciated. It is very troubling to think he has developed some type of new allergy.

By cervonil on Jan 15, 2012

I: don't have any suggestions, but just wanted to say I'm sorry. That is scary, especially since he needed his epi-pen twice. who administered the epi? I'm glad he is at least safe. The 2 items in common were the orange/tangerine. What about the poweraide, what flavor was that? Any same ingredients in the strawberry poptart and cherry nutrigrain bar?