son woke up with small itchy bumps any ideas?


This morning our son who is Pa woke up with itchy small pimples like all over his chest and back and arms alittle on his stomach and penis too. We took him to the allergist today and he said it was not anything with food allergy.we thought it was prickly heat since its been very humid and warm here but he said it wasn't. the only other thing is we bought him new pajamas He said sometimes if they are not washed first this could happen. He is on zertec now.. Any ideas on what it could be ... It scared us alittle.. thanks , Kathy Ann

On Apr 27, 2006

I got a rash like that from an antibiotic. It was a very fine itchy rash, but if you looked closely, they were small pimples very close together. My chest was covered with it but I think there was a bit on my upper back. Could your son's rash be a reaction to a med?

On Apr 27, 2006

Funny, the first thing I though of was chicken pox. That being said, I would guess your doctor would have figured out if that were the case. As for washing pj's -- or new clothes -- always a good idea before wearing them, though if your son was wearing underwear with the pj's it would surprise me he'd end up with them on his penis (you know if the bumps were from contact).

Did he go swimming anywhere or play outside, take a bath with new soap or bubble bath? Mysterious bumps that randomly show up drive me crazy. Hopefully the meds will give him some relief.

On Apr 27, 2006

First thing I thought was Fifth Disease - sounds worse than it actually is. Has a lacey rash on the torso and sometimes arms, along with rosy cheeks.

About the unwashed PJs - my PA/TNA son will break out in hives if I don't wash EVERYTHING before he wears it - including his fabric Medic Alert bracelet! We actually had to go to the ER for that one - he started coughing, too. Scary.

Good luck solving the mystery, and do let us know if you figure it out.

How is he doing now?