Son Starting KG in fall, full days, having problems

Posted on: Fri, 05/06/2005 - 6:26am
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My son has multiple food allergies (peanut, cashew, milk & egg) He is terribly allergic to all of them. He is also asthmatic and contact reactive to all of the above allergies. He will be starting full day KG next fall. It's his first time in school really, as all attempts at preschool have previously failed.

I met with the principal and she didn't see to have a clue. She won't put him at a pn/tn free table, says it's not possible. Ok, since he can't be at a pn/tn/egg/dairy free table w/o sitting alone I can work with that. She wanted to sit him all alone by himself, well NO way! So, the plan is to put him at the end of the table surrounded by kids w/ hot lunch (no PB is served at school). However, this doesn't help the milk issue if it's spilled since kids have to drink milk with their lunch. Anyway, they said that they can't really wipe down the tables either and that all of the tables are used by the after care kids and they eat PB every day so there will be PB on the tables. Then, they won't have the kids wash their hands before they go straight out to recess and play with my son. Great! He will be playing with kids with cheetos and PB all over their hands!
In the classroom they cannot guarantee that there will not be PB/TN snacks in the class even though they ask parents not to bring them. Again, if they are PN/TN free they won't probably be dairy/egg free and he's at risk for ana reaction. I asked if we could just do non-food items for b-days, but they didn't want to really and said that they can't guarantee that food won't be brought in anyway. Ugh!

So, I guess what I am wanting to know is what are the basic minimum accomodations that you all feel comfortable with having at your schools? I just don't know where to push and where to back off.



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