Son starting EIP on Feb. 3rd. Help please!

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I would truly love for someone who has been through this and those currently going through this to contact me. Any help would be so appreciated. My 4 1/2 year old son is starting Early Intervention Preschool Feb. 3. I met with the nurse and therapists to go over how they are going to help him with his delays. Feel pretty confident there [img][/img] Unfortunately(sp?), keeping him safe is something I am not confident about after I leave him there. I had a long talk with the nurse and she is great but after having her take me on a tour of the room he will be in I just about collapsed when I saw 2 jars of peanut butter and a number of food items that either contain or may contain peanuts and nuts. I said to her there is NO WAY I will bring my son with this in the classroom. She said we can set a meeting with the teacher to go over all of this. I feel like I'm just learning again even though we've been dealing with this since 99'. I knew I had my work coming to me but here it is straight in my face now and I am so nervous. I gave the nurse Devin's plan from the Allergist, an epi pen trainer and a video about how it just takes one bite. Forget the actual name of it. I also said I could give her a list of safe food they could keep in the class room if it would help. Now I am thinking what about all the toys and tables and everything...I'm just picturing residue on everything!!!!I think I will offer to come in and clean everything. What is the best way to do this? What else do I need to think of and for them to know. She said she is there once a week and the other nurse is there the other day. She is taking this next week and 1/2 to train all the staff. I will be bringing his epi pen's in his red allergy bag which will be in his backpack everyday he is there up on a shelf. She seems willing to to anything I need. Just not sure what I'm missing etc. I will not allow him to take the bus. It's 20 minutes away with a unroutine bus route. I will drive him. Plus, I did not want to rely on the bus driver to keep him safe. It doesn't sound realistic. Any help you can offer me is appreciated. I want to know I am doing all that I can to ensure my son's safety while I am away from him. Thank you so much.

On Jan 27, 2003

I can imagine your concerns with pb right in the room.

this may sound like somthing you have read before but i would suggest:

--think about your comfort zone. -- FAAN has a lot of info regarding school settings, it is well worth the investment. --Have a written plan to deal with what is allowed into the class and how to deal with a reaction if one should occur.

-- Stop in unannounced every now and again to make sure things are "safe".