Son might have PA, Please help with info. Our story


My Ds has had peanuts in the past without issue but never in large quanity. Last week I sent a peanut butter sandwich to school with him, he had a few bites. The next day he got a runny nose, and red cheeks. It cleared up. I gave him another PBJ sandwich tuesday morning for school. He ate the entire thing. He came home from school and I found his entire torso covered with a red raised allergy rash. I gave him a large dose of benadryl for his age and weight and he went to sleep. He woke up this morning worse, the rash was down his legs and across his arms. All over his face and into his hairline. I took him to the doctor today and it's not fifth's , which I first thought because he itches and the doctor said fifth's doesn't itch. The only new thing that ds has had is peanut butter in the last 2 weeks, well really within 3-4 days. Friday and then again Tuesday. The doctor told us not to give him peanuts but no suggestion of testing. DS is 4 almost 5 and has autism.

Thanks Heather

On Feb 5, 2003

Get a referral to a good allergist (preferably pediatric) and have him tested. If your family doctor won't give you a referral, find a doctor who will (try walk in clinics or whatever you have to do, and insist). Maybe you could check the Doctors link here and look for one in your area. Good luck.

------------------ Cynde

On Feb 5, 2003

Definitely get him to a pediatric allergist. On this site I've learned that the reactions can get stronger with each one he has.

Also, children can develop other food allergies over time so I'd suggest having him tested for the top 8 food allergies just to be safe.

Good Luck!

On Feb 6, 2003

I would also recommend seeing an allergist who specializes in food allergies.

FYI, I had heard about this through a local program called Success by 6. One of the coordinators also works with kids with autism. She had an interest in food allergies because she noticed a strong correlation between kids with autism and food allergies OR food intolerences.

Anyway, I don't know if your son has PA or not but you might want to check this out: [url=""][/url] It does not specifically mention peanut but does mention gluten but I wouldn't rule out the peanut just because of that. There are several other studies. I searched on autism food allergies to get this one of many.


On Feb 6, 2003

My son did what you have described when he had a reaction to an antibiotic 9 days into the treatment!

On Feb 6, 2003

My dd had a rash like this and it was roseola (sp?). If that has definetly been ruled out for you, I would make an appointment with an allergist too. It's better to know. Good luck! [img][/img] kcmom

On Feb 6, 2003

Just wanted to add. My son had hives recur every day for 5 days after eating one small bite of pb. They would go away with a big dose of Benadryl and come back stronger than ever. Good luck and trust your instincts!