Son had reaction to bug bite allergist disagrees.


Today while eating breakfast my son ate his usual Cinnamin Life cereal with a glass of milk. Two minutes later my husband also at the table says he was just bit by a mosquito,a few minutes later my son also starts itching and i notice he has 2 small bites on his knee. By the time I got back from his room with the cortosone cream to help the itch both his knees back and front ,up his theighs and alittle onhis arms were filled with little welts sort of like one on top of the other.. I called the allergist and within a half hour he was seen. No other symptoms other than itching reddness and the welts. He finds it very uncommon for a mosquito bite to do this and feels it has something to do with Pa.. He eats the same breakfast everyday. this box has been opened before also.. any ideas I'm alittle freaked by all this .. any help who be appreciated thanks ,Kathy Ann

On Jun 6, 2005

KATHYANN, my PA son had an anaphylactic reaction to a box of cereal that he had eaten half the bag of - it was like the cross contamination was in the bottom of the bag. It took me 1-1/2 years to figure that out, only from reading other stories here. I thought he had touched residue and in it went through his nose or mouth.


I disagree with the allergist. Because the place where your son was swollen was where he got bitten (and not say around his mouth and face area where he would have ingested the cross-contaminated food), I'd say it was the mosquito bites.

My Mother is severely allergic to mosquito bites although I don't think she has ever spoken with her doctor about it (she is an older woman). Her whole arm will swell up if she gets a bite and because of her heart medication, she can't take an antihistamine (or so she believes - I think if she talked to the doctor he could find one that would go with her heart medication) and her arm is rendered almost useless until the swelling goes down.

I also swell up, although not as seriously when I have a mosquito bite as well and I take an antihistamine as soon as I get bit ever.

I do think it's the mosquito bite. I think eating cross contaminated cereal would have resulted in a reaction elsewhere on your son's body.

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On Jun 6, 2005

Wjen I was a small child, my mosquito bites would really swell up like hives...welt like & itch really bad.

I know someone who has been diagnosed with an allergy to mosquito bites and swells up big time from bites.

On Jun 6, 2005

Adam's brother is allergic to mosquito bites and reacts similarly.

On Jun 6, 2005

Aidan gets a knot if he gets bitten by a mosquito. I have the same problem. If they bite me in an area that doesn't have a lot of blood flow ex. foot or hand my whole hand or foot will swell. I have also seen Aidan's ear swell to the size of a golf ball when he was bitten by a spider.

We put camphophenique on our bites for the pain and benedryl for an antihistimine.

Hope this helps.

On Jun 7, 2005

Take photos!!

My son reacts to insects bites and I always take photos, to show the doctor. I think Doctors are looking for reactions from Bees, Wasps etc and don't take reactions from other insects seriously.

On Jun 9, 2005

My PA child gets terrible welts from mosquito bites (and flea bites). However, he has been stung by bees and a yellowjacket more than once and gets less swelling than anyone else in the family from these insects.

We get pretty good results from the Benedryl cream right on the mosquito bite. Does more for him than cortisone cream as far as the itching and swelling.

On Jun 9, 2005

My 2 1/2 year old PA son also swells and gets red welts from mosquito bites. One of the questions his allergist asked at his first visit was how he reacts to bug bites. I give him Benadryl orally, and either cortisone cream or benadryl spray on the bites.