son had a peanut butter reaction

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My 18 month old had a reaction to peanut butter two days ago. It was severe enough to land us in the ER with acute respiratory distress. He recieved injection of epi, benadrly, and breathing treatment. Now I'm nervous and scared for him I don't know where to begin to help keep him safe. Any suggestions? btw he's fine now,I'm not but he is.

On Nov 29, 2000

I can see why you're grumpy! I'm so sorry about your son's reaction. How scary. My son was 18 mos old when he had his one and only anaphylactic reaction (several minor reactions prior to that). He's 3 1/2 now and (knock on wood) has not had an ingestion reaction since. It's definitely something I never want to see again.

You've definitely come to the right place. The best advice I can give to you is to read all the information you possibly can about this allergy. Have you been to an allergist yet? If not, you'll need to schedule an appt asap so you can get a prescription for your own epi-pens. Most people carry more than one.

You'll need to start checking every label of every food that you bring in the house. There's a good thread already started under the main discussion board that talks about unexpected places or items that peanuts have been found in. You'll want to check that out, too.

It will seem so overwhelming at first, but it will become like second nature after a few months. Everyone on this board has been there, so if you ever have a question about anything, there will be someone here with an answer. Take care and good luck! Deanna

On Nov 29, 2000

I agree you need to educate yourself about this allergy and make an appointment with a good allergist ASAP. However please don't overdose yourself reading these boards, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and panicked by a lot of these topics. I have been dealing with my two sons' peanut allergies for 8 years. I found this website a few months ago, but had to stop visiting for awhile as I was so panicked by some of the threads I was reading. This is a great source of information but a lot of it won't pertain to your child until he gets older. Take care!