son 6 daughter 4 both have PA

Posted on: Sat, 06/02/2001 - 6:50pm
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pIs this common to have two children in your family positive for PA, or in our case two is all our children, that is except for my stepdaughter who is 15 and she dosent have it. My wife had problems she tells me growing up when she was young I guess with allergies to some nut's and she does not have problems today. What are the chances my kid's can grow out of there peanut allergies?/p

Posted on: Sat, 06/02/2001 - 8:00pm
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Welcome! there is a statistic that shows that possibly 20o/o can grow out of PA. I spoke to my sons allergist about this just a couple of days ago and he said that it can take decades. Well good luck! Sounds like you have your hands full!

Posted on: Sat, 06/02/2001 - 10:28pm
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Welcome to the boards.
My 4 year old son is PA. My 2 year old daughter is not.
My husband also had "problems" eating certain nuts when he was younger. He remembers walnuts and sesame paste would make his face swell (!!!:O). He was never tested for anything.
Today he has no reactions to eating nuts at all. I too wonder, and hope, that my son's situation will be the same.
Current research does suggest about 20% outgrow the allergy, but only if they avoid any exposure.

Posted on: Sun, 06/03/2001 - 2:38am
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Siblings of children with PA do have a higher chance of also having PA than the general population. I took this statistic from a great web resource:
Peanut allergy is more common in siblings of people with peanut allergy (7%) than in the parents or the general population (1.3%).
Here is the link to the web site containing the excerpt: [url=""][/url]
The article is called "Peanut Allergy - Where Do We Stand?" It's a LOT of reading, but it answers a lot of PA questions, and you can quickly scan through topics which aren't relevant. Welcome to the boards. [img][/img]
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Posted on: Sun, 06/03/2001 - 3:28am
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I am PA, and so is my sister who is only 1 year younger. I was told that surroundings when you are very young can trigger allergies, but I don't know exactly what "surroundings" entailed. My mum ate a lot of peanuts in both of her pregnancies.
Take care,

Posted on: Sun, 06/03/2001 - 1:56pm
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Welcome! Before I knew anything about allergies...
I gave my daughter her first pb+j sandwhich at about 9mo. She loved it, and for the next several months it was her absolute favorite sandwhich. My son was born just after her first birthday. When he was about 6mo old, Meagan decided I'd been holding out on her little brother and offered him a bite of her pb+j. A few minutes later, the entire left side of his face (but especially his lip) was VERY swollen. Meagan tried the same thing 4mo later. Another reaction, only this time I got smart and tossed the pb in the trash. I haven't brought blatant peanuts or pb into the house since.
We recently had Meagan tested for food allergies, and one of the 'basic' allergens they tested for was peanuts. Negative. So, for now at least, we only have one PA child. You can develop an allergy to anything at any time, though, and having a PA sibling increases the chance of her becoming allergic to peanuts, so a few years from now we might have two PA kids. I have a feeling it would be at least several years, though, since she doesn't get any peanut products either. =)

Posted on: Mon, 06/04/2001 - 12:35pm
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I have a 6 yr. old non pa
4 yr. old pa (and tree nuts)
2 yr. old pa (and wheat, egg, dairy, tree nuts)

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